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by gary c.

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Taylor Mead

Taylor reads poetry at jail poet event

Village Voice, 5 September 1963, p. 8

I've updated the Taylor Mead page with details about his pre-Warhol films and information about how he met Warhol. Go here.

I've also added additional information to Flesh about the 1969 double bill of Flesh and Lonesome Cowboys at the 55th Street Playhouse and a mention of Brooklyn's Trump Cinema which showed Warhol films in 1969.

Lonesome Cowboys

Andy Warhol's Lonely Cowboys ad

I've revised the essay on Andy Warhol's Lonesome Cowboys here. Also updated is San Diego Surf, Sleep and Bike Boy.

Andy Warhol Museum abandons plans for New York branch

The Warhol museum has recently announced that it will not be carrying forward the plans to establish a New York branch as part of a new development in Seward Park on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. The branch was planned to be 10,000 square feet.

Eric Shiner, the director of The Warhol, has issued a statement saying that "The Andy Warhol Museum, which had been exploring its participation in the Essex Crossing development in lower Manhattan, has determined that it will not proceed with the project. Despite the efforts of both the museum and the developers, an internal study of business and other operational considerations led the museum to this decision."

The Warholas need

The Warholas Need You for Andy Warhol documentary

Andy Warhol's family need your help to produce a new feature-length documentary on the artist being made by the family. The film is being made because, in the words of Warhol's nephew, James Warhola: "In the last 20 some years since my uncle passed there's been many biographies written, a lot of books, several documentaries, but none of them really captured the Andy that we knew from a family point of view..."

Andy Warhol Family documentary video

Kickstarter video is here.

James and the family can be seen explaining the documentary on the videos they have published on the Kickstarter site where they are asking for donations to fund the film. The film is being directed by Andy Warhol's great-niece, Abby Warhola, and Jesse Best.

In addition to help fund the film, people who donate will receive various mementos from the Warhola family as a way of saying thanks. These include a copy of the film when it is made, a tote bag, a Warhola family hand-decorated Ostrich egg and a portrait of Warhol by James Warhola, who was also an illustrator for Mad magazine, a large number of children's books and the author of two books about the artist - Uncle Andy's Cats and Uncle Andy's: A faabbbulous visit with Andy Warhol.

The Kickstarter page for the film can be found here.

Patrick Moore becomes Managing Director of The Warhol museum

Patrick Moore, The Warhol museum

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore, previously the Deputy Director of The Warhol, has now been promoted to Managing Director of the museum. Moore was originally hired by The Warhol in 2011 as the Director of Development and was then promoted to become the museum's Deputy Director in 2012.

Prior to his involvement with The Warhol museum, Moore was the New Business Development Director at The Persad Center - devoted to the "well-being of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning) communities, and the HIV/AIDS communities." (Article here.)

Before working for The Persad Center, Moore had been the Project Director for The Estate Project for Artists with AIDS under the auspices of The Alliance for The Arts in New York City.

Eric Shiner will remain as the director of The Warhol.

Robert Fraser at the Pace Gallery

Swingeing London poster featuring Rolling Stones

Swingeing London 67 poster, 1967-8 by Richard Hamilton
Lithograph on paper 711 x 498mm
copyright R. Hamilton, all rights reserved DACS 2014

The Pace Gallery's exhibition in honour of art dealer Robert Fraser - the man who got busted for drugs with Mick Jagger in the '60s - opened on 6 February and will continue until 28 March 2015. Artists being exhibited include Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Keith Haring, Kenneth Anger, Robert Mapplethorpe, David Bailey, Francis Bacon, Clive Barker, Eduardo Paolozzi, Jean Michel Basquiat, Peter Blake, Derek Boshier, Edward Burne-Jones, Patrick Caulfield, John Chamberlain, Brian Clarke, Jim Dine, Jean Dubuffet, Richard Hamilton, Dennis Hopper, Gerhard Richter, Larry Rivers, Georges Rouault, Ed Ruscha, Tony Shafrazi, Cy Twombly, Colin Self and Mies van der Rohe.

Details for the exhibition, called "A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense," can be found here.

Warhol by the Book

andy warhol exhibitionCover of Andy Wahol's Gold book and Edward Wallowitch photo of image of someone looking like James Dean used for Warhol's drawing in the Gold Book

A new exhibition of Warhol's book work, Warhol by the Book, will debut at the the Williams College Museum of Art in Massachusetts on 7 March 2015 and run until 16 August 2015. It is curated by the ultimate authority on Warhol - Matt Wrbican, the chief archivist of The Warhol museum.

The exhibition features more than 400 objects, including unpublished materials as well as paintings, drawings, photographs and artist books. Sixteen Screen Tests of writers will be shown and there will also be a gallery that recreates Warhol's personal library.

Not to be missed. Details here.

Joe goes digital

Joe Dallesandro by Michael Feruguson as an ebook

Michael Ferguson's updated book on Joe Dallesandro is now available in digital formats. It can be downloaded through the usual outlets, including a Kindle version on Amazon and an iBook through iTunes.

The book is an updated version of Little Joe Superstar, first published in 1998 and out of print for some time. The new version includes an updated filmography with chapters on additional films, including Citizens of Perpetual Indulgence, The Limey and L.A. Without a Map, and additional information on the films that were included in the first edition. Although the blurb for the digital version says that it includes "new interviews with Dallesandro," there are no actual interviews in the book. The "new interviews" are woven into the revised text. In addition to appealing to Joe fans, Ferguson's book is an excellent resource for anyone writing on Warhol and wants to do what it was actually like to know and work for the artist. Highly recommended.

andy warhol blogValerie Solanas

Valerie Solanas interview

Village Voice, 25 July 1977, p. 32

I've added to the site a new bio for Valerie Solanas which you will find here.

andy warhol blog R.I.P. Norman R. Glick

Norman Glick has sadly passed away. He died Wednesday, 11 February. As noted below Norman was married to Harvey Tavel, the brother of Ron Tavel. They had been together since the '60s. I knew Norm through corresponding with him, particularly after Ron's death. He was always a good source of information in regard to what Harvey did vs. what Ron did in the '60s. Often the two were confused. He pointed out, for instance, that a photo of Harvey was often mistaken for a photo of Ron on the set of Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures. In 2014 he directed two plays by Ron Tavel at the Theater for the New City in New York:

Poster for Two by Tavel directed by Norman R. Glick

Poster for Two by Tavel directed by Norman R. Glick

By the time that Norm presented the plays he was already seriously ill:

Norman R. Glick (23 October 2014):

"I had recurring malignant melanoma in both my lung and brain. It is thought that sun over-exposure in my youth (yes, I certainly had other 'exposures,' thank god!) is the most likely cause of my this, not cigarettes Cigarettes increase your risk of real lung cancer. God bless the child that's got his own.

In one month I open TWO BY TAVEL in the OOB.

P.S. My surgeons completely removed my malignancies from lung and brain. I have a very good prognosis. A LOT better than I had quite recently. I was told the brain tumor was particularly deadly, like 4 months deadly. Moffitt kicks ass!"

Norm continued to live an active life after his operation - his particular love was opera. His brother has posted a notification of his death on Facebook:

David Glick:

"It is with great sadness and a joyous heart I announce the passing of my beloved brother, Oleh Ve Shalom, Norman R. Glick. In typical Norm fashion, he passed from this earth the way he lived his life,full of happiness and generosity of spirit. To the end he was showered with love and admiration for the man he was. Gentle , kind, caring to all he came in touch with, He will be honored with a full military funeral replete with a heroes tribute on Friday February 13th 2015 at 9:45 AM at The National Cemetery at Bay Pines VA Healthcare System. 10000 Bay Pines Blvd. Bay Pines Fla.33744.

Norm will be smiling down as "our boys"pay there respects one last time. I feel it fitting that the celebration of Norm's life begin there.
The magnificent way he was treated by the amazing staff at Bay Pines Hospice over the last six days has overwhelmed me with with a true sense of comfort and warmth. And to all my family and his closest friends who have shepherded me through this wild ride over the last few months, please accept my deepest gratitude. Its truly been a bittersweet honor to experience.

In his last days , he asked me to get him a big , blinged out time and date LED clock. I had it in his room and when his nurse Beth, said she wished all the vets had one, Norman just looked up at me and smiled. Each room at the Bay Pines VA Hospice now has one donated in Norman's name. I would ask that any expressions of condolence be channelled to provide these important reality reminders to those veterans suffering because they sacrificed to serve our county. Again thanks to all for the outpouring of love and support."

Best wishes to Norman R. Glick

Norman R. Glick, the husband of Harvey Tavel who appeared in several Warhol films and was the brother of Warhol's screenwriter, Ron Tavel, is currently in hospital with a serious medical condition. Glick is posting his thoughts on his Facebook page - his latest post sent 11 hours ago: "The outpouring of love and well wishes has touched me deeply . But as someone once said 'reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.' More to come."

All of our best wishes Norman.

Converse's Warhol sneaker sells out in one day

Andy Warhol collection for Converse

Most sizes of the Warhol red Campbell's soup can sneaker (see below) by Converse have sold out in just one day on their U.S. website. The sneakers went on sale on the 7th of February and by the 8th they only had sizes 3, 3.5, 4, 9 and 11.5 left. Other designs in their Warhol collection are still available.

Jamie Wyeth Retrospective opens at the Brandywine

Jamie Wyeth paintings of Andy Warhol

Left: A.W. Working on Piss Series (1997-2007)/Right: Voyeur (2012)
Jamie Wyeth (Collection of Phyllis and Jamie Wyeth)

The Jamie Wyeth retrospective which ran at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston from July 16 - December 28, 2014 has now opened at the Brandywine River Museum of Art where it will run from January 17 to April 5, 2015. After that, it travels to the San Antonio Museum of Art (April 26 - July 5, 2015) and the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art (July 23 - October 4, 2015).

Press release here.

R.I.P. Jane Wilson

Andy and Lilacs by Jane Wilson

Andy and Lilacs (1960)
Jane Wilson
Whitney Museum of Art

Jane Wilson died on 13 January 2015 of heart failure in Manhattan. The fact that Warhol knew her work well enough to sit for her in 1960 - over a year before he painted the Campbell's Soup Cans (see above) - is evidence of his interest and knowledge of the art scene prior to Pop. Wilson was friends with many of the Abstract Expressionists and was married to the art writer John Gruen whose books include The Party's Over - an account of the AbEx scene during the fifties and the encroachment of Pop. (For more info on Abstract Expressionism see The AbEx Chronology.)

The New York Times obituary for Jane Wilson can be found here.

Warhol All-Stars

Converse All Stars with Andy Warhol print of a Campbell's Soup Can

Converse is bringing out a range of their All Stars sneakers featuring Andy Warhol motifs on 7 February 2015 in the U.S.

Claire Henry to talk at a Whitney Contemporaries night

Claire Henry

Claire K. Henry

Claire K. Henry of the Andy Warhol Film Project will be giving talks at the Whitney on February 5th and 10th under the title, "Pop on the Silver Screen: Perspectives from the Andy Warhol Film Project." The Film Project is currently putting together volume two of the film catalogue raisonné. Claire had previously worked with Callie Angell on the first volume of the cat. rais. - Andy Warhol Screen Tests.

Details of Claire's talk can be found here.

The Filmmakers Cinematheque at the Maidman Theatre

Filmmakers' Cinematheque at the Maidman Theater

Jonas Mekas, who distributed most of Warhol's early work, used a variety of venues for his "Cinematheque." Often accounts of Mekas' Cinematheque mention screenings at the "Maidman Theatre." These screenings were apparently not advertised, however a site user has contributed an announcement that went out to Cinematheque members which details the screenings. The screenings included Gregory Markopoulos' trilogy, Du Sang de la Volupte et de la Morte. I've updated my essay on the Filmmakers' Cinemathque to reflect this.

Commissioned work reviewed in the Daily Mail

16: January 2015: The cat. rais. of Warhol's commissioned advertising work has been reviewed by the Daily Mail in the U.K. with eight large illustrations from the book. Go here.

Artist Rooms: Andy Warhol in Peterborough

"Artist Rooms: Andy Warhol" will run at the Peterborough Museum from 16 October 2015 to 31 January 2016.

Details here.

Warhol fabricated in Alabama

warhol fabricated banner

"Warhol Fabricated" opened on January 9th and runs until February 28th at the University of Alabama at Birmingham's College of Arts and Sciences' Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. Silkscreens and photographs by Warhol will be featured alongside Charles Lutz' "Denied Warhol Paintings and Sculpture" series. Lutz participated in a panel discussion on the opening day of the exhibition. The Lutz series was inspired by a series of self-portrait prints that were not done by Warhol's printer, did not involve any hand-painting and were deemed not to be the work of Warhol - see: What Andy Warhol Didn't Do.

Exhibition details here.

Jerry Tartaglia to present recently restored Jack Smith footage featuring Mario Montez, Agosto Machado, Mary Woronov, Ondine and Charles Henri Ford

Jack Smith

Jack Smith during the filming of Flaming Creatures
(Photo: Normon Soloman)

Jerry Tartaglia will present newly restored films from the Jack Smith Archive, courtesy of Gladstone Gallery, NY and Brussels on 24 January at the Millennium Film Workshop and on 31 January at International House in Philadelphia.

Films include: Midnight At The Plaster Foundation (the only known complete recording of a Jack Smith Performance), Song for Rent, Abortion Pit Nightmare, In The Grip of the Lobster, How to Select a Victim and others.

Details for the International House screening here.

Details for the Millennium Film Workshop here.

More on Jack Smith and Andy Warhol here.

a: a novel

A site-user, Frans Faase of the Netherlands, has started a guide to Warhol's a: a novel - written as he reads the book. Few people have got through the whole thing and anything that helps the reader make sense of what is going on is very welcome. Although Warhol liked to give the impression that the book was an unedited transcript of a tape recording of one continuous period in Ondine's life, the reality is that it was written from tapes from more than one period and certainly not over a 24 hour period. It was also heavily edited judging from the amount of "...." in the book - possibly to avoid lawsuits or mentions of people who didn't want to be mentioned.

Frans' annotations to the book can be found here.

The Gymnasium

ad for The Gymnasium with Andy Warhol presenting The Velvet Underground

The Velvets, Dick Hyman and Tony Scott at The Gymnasium
Village Voice
ad, 6 April 1967

I've updated the section of the 1967 chronology about the Velvets appearing at The Gymnasium and the Rhode Island School of Design in March - April, including the addition of an interview with Warhol in the RISD publication, Blockprint, and a review of the show at the RISD. Go here. (The Blockprint articles are reproduced in The Inevitable World of The Velvet Underground.)

Late Warhol drawings in the Wood

Andy Warhol at Hyde Collection

An exhibition of Warhol's drawings from 1973 - 1987 will take place in the Wood Gallery of the Hyde Collection Art Museum in upstate New York from 21 June 2015 to 27 September 2015.

Details here.

Time Capsule opening at The Warhol

Matt Wrbican, Andy Warhol Museum

Matt Wrbican

Matt Wrbican, the archivist for The Warhol museum and Warhol's cohort Benjamin Liu, will be opening one of Warhol's Time Capsules in front of an audience on Friday 6 February 2015. Also on hand will be cataloguer Erin Byrne. If you'd like to be in the audience tickets are $10/$8.

1 January 2015: Happy New Year. More to come.


31 December 2014: Happy Birthday Joe Dallesandro

25 December 2014: Merry Christmas y'all

Warhol's 13 makes top ten

Book on Andy Warhol's road trip to be published in July 2015

James Warhola at opening of Pop Art Centre in Prague

Grace Jones autobiography to be published by Simon and Shuster

Love is enough in Oxford

Love is a Pink Cake at the A & D Gallery

A Day at the Factory in Cavalier

Deborah Kass joins the board of the Andy Warhol Foundation

R.I.P. Wynn Chamberlain

The E.P.I. and Expanded Cinema at the Tate Liverpool

Andy Warhol's nephew issues statement about the Agusto Bugarin case

Norman Glick directs Ron Tavel's plays

Billy Name at the Milk

Liz goes into storage

Claire Henry and Geralyn Huxley to participate on BAM panel

From Nowhere to Up There

Agusto Bugarin denies stealing Liz painting

Warhol Foundation sues the brother of Warhol's maids over Liz painting

Herko article in the Guardian

David Weisman wins part of his lawsuit against Edie Sedgwick's husband, Michael Post

Andy Warhol's porn cinema?

The World Goes Pop at the Tate Modern

Fred Herko

The Hugo-Warhol Mannequin Sculptures?

London-based company MPC to help MoMA and The Warhol museum
to digitize previously unseen Warhol films

New trailers for latest edition of Mary Woronov's Swimming Underground

Fourth volume of the Warhol catalogue raisonne due in September 2014

Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Magazine Work
to be published in October 2014

Ray Johnson exhibition at MoMA

Viva exhibition in New York

R.I.P. Ultra Violet

Film-Makers' Cinematheque

Holly Woodlawn auction

Gerard Malanga in Glasgow

The Brig

Jane Holzer

Holly Woodlawn interview

Bike Boy and My Hustler

The Andy Warhol Museum in Slovakia

Opening Party for the Piero Heliczer show

Gregory Battcock

Reading Warhol

Expanded Cinema Mach II

R.I.P. Rene Ricard

Paul Warhola

Whatever Happened to Naomi Levine?

William Burroughs' Son

Film Cat. Rais. Vol. 2


Joe Dallesandro and Holly Woodlawn

Lou Reed Remembered

Expanded Cinema

The Velvet Underground

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