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June 2010

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Caffe Cino playwright Robert Patrick has started a channel on You Tube

Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick sings an ode to Caffe Cino

Robert Patrick - the Caffe Cino playwright and doorman who also wrote Kennedy's Children (which earned Shirley Knight a Tony Award) has started a YouTube channel. Above he sings an ode he wrote about the Caffe Cino which name checks Warhol stars Mary Woronov and Ondine. Click on image see video.

John Wilcock and Gerard Malanga to join Brigid Berlin, Gretchen Berg and Taylor Mead at the NYPL on June 23rd for a discussion panel moderated by Factory-made author Steven Watson


Nico interview in The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol

Warhol star Gerard Malanga and John Wilcock, the author of Manhattan Memories and The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol, will be joining Warhol star Brigid Berlin, photographer Gretchen Berg and underground superstar and poet Taylor Mead for an evening of discussion focusing on Wilcock's recently published book, The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol at the New York Public Library on June 23rd.

The event will take place from 6 pm to 7.30 pm at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, South Court Auditorium, New York Public Library, 476 Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street. Admission is free but there are a limited amount of seats so get there early. Doors open at 5:30 pm.

Callie Angell to be honoured on June 20th at the 22nd Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival in Chicago

Callie Angell will be honoured with a special screening of avant-garde films at the Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival in Chicago on June 20th. The screening is dedicated to Callie and two other important women from the field of experimental film who died in the past year - the founder of Canyon Cinema, Chick Strand, and filmmaker JoAnn Elam.

An MP3 recording of Callie introducing the film Andy Warhol film Uptight #3 - David Susskind (1966) can be heard here.

Is Andy Warhol's art on the moon and who was John F?

Andy Warhol moon telegram

A telegram from the mysterious "John F."

PBS is broadcasting an episode of "History Detectives" on June 21st which explores the possibility that, in 1969, someone smuggled a tiny "ceramic mini-canvas" onto the Apollo 12 lunar landing mission which contained the art of Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, David Novros, John Chamberlain and Forrest Myers. The episode focuses on a mysterious "John F." figure who was allegedly responsible for sneaking the "mini-canvas" onto Apollo 12.

According to the artist Forrest Myers, Bell Lab scientist Fred Waldhauer reduced the artists' works and had them printed onto a ceramic wafer. Supposedly Waldhauer knew an engineer who was able to place the wafer onto the lunar module. Waldhauer was one of the founding members of E.A.T. - Experiments in Art and Technology - which later produced a series of lithographs by some of the same artists (including Warhol and Rauschenberg) whose work is alleged to be on the ceramic wafer. Another founding member of E.A.T. was Billy Klüver who helped Warhol produce his Silver Pillows in 1966.

The drug-fueled generation of the 60s was particularly fascinated by the "far out" concept of outer space. When Warhol star Edie Sedgwick described Paul America in the non-Warhol film Ciao! Manhattan (which started filming in 1967), she said Paul was "like some vision of a Martian... somebody from outer space. Maybe it was because he took so much acid that he had this strange alienation from the human race..." (Flying saucers formed part of the storyline in the film.)

In August 1965 Warhol filmed Edie for a movie which featured a title which capitalized on the public's interest in outer space at the time - Outer and Inner Space. In Warhol's film, however, "outer" space was a double entendre referring to Edie's "outer" public image versus her "inner" psyche, (The term "inner space" could be a reference to Alexander Trocchi's druggy phrase "cosmonaut of inner space" first used in the early sixties. The same year that Warhol shot Outer and Inner Space, a science fiction "b" film, Crack in the World, starring Dana Andrews, was also released which featured a geological research station named "Project Inner Space.") Warhol's interest in outer space is also reflected in the title of a Broadway show he produced in the early 1970s - Man on the Moon - which was the last Warhol production that Paul Morrissey was involved with before leaving Andy Warhol Inc.

Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, Val Kilmer and bikers send off Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper

Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda and Val Kilmer attended Dennis Hopper's funeral in Taos, New Mexico on Wednesday, 2 June 2010. Hopper's son Henry read poetry by Walt Whitman at the ceremony and two of Hopper's children, Marin and Ruthanna gave eulogies. They were joined afterwards in the procession by a large group of bikers honouring the star with a bikers' 'send-off.'

In 1969 Hopper became a hero of the hippie generation when he starred in the motorcycle road film, Easy Rider, at the age of 33 during a time when one of the slogans popular amongst the generation who flocked to see the film was "Don't trust anyone over thirty." In 1963 Hopper also made a short appearance in one of Warhol's early films, Tarzan and Jane Regained, Sort of....

In addition to his film roles, Hopper was an avid collector of Pop and contemporary art and an artist himself. Last year his work was exhibited in the "Signs of the Times" show at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery.

Candy Darling in "Some of my best friends are..."

some of my best friends are

"Some of my best friends are...."

A YouTube user has put together all of Candy Darling's clips from the 1971 (non-Warhol) film, "Some of my best friends are..." here and here.

The film is described in the trailer as "A penetrating insight to a world which actually exists today..." (i.e. the gay world), and warns the viewer that "the film's content may sometimes be objectionable for viewing by younger audiences... But for those who can stand the truth... it is provocative adult entertainment."

New book by Andy Warhol due in October

andy warhol making money

A new book by Andy Warhol is due to be published by Rizzoli in October 2010. Titled Andy Warhol: Making Money, the book is a facsimile of one created by Warhol in 1981 as a Christmas gift for Berkeley Reinhold - Henry Geldzahler's cousin and the daughter of Warhol's diamond dealer John Reinhold. As described by the publisher, the book is similar to a flip book, beginning with abstract lines and curves which evolve into Warhol's dollar sign of the 80s. Also included is text by Debbie Harry and Vincent Fremont.

Bibbe Hansen in Europe

Bibbe Hansen, Jean Wainwright Georgina AdamspaceBibbe Hansen Antony Fawcett

Top L-R: Georgina Adam (Art Newspaper), Bibbe Hansen, Jean Wainwright (Art Newspaper); Anthony Fawcett, Bibbe Hansen (Photos: Sean Carrillo)

Warhol star Bibbe Hansen (Screen Test, Restaurant, Prison) was in Europe last week, performing at a festival in Barcelona and participating in a panel discussion at Olyvia Fine Art in London.

In Barcelona Bibbe performed Elegy for the Factory Dead as a tribute to Callie Angell who died earlier this month. The performance was adapted from Elegy for the Fluxus Dead - a performance piece by Bibbe's father, the Fluxus artist Al Hansen. In Bibbe's version of the piece she read off the names of Warhol's associates who were dead, ending with Callie's name.

In London, the panel discussion at Olyvia Fine Art in London included, in addition to Bibbe, Alain Cueff who organized "Le Grande Monde d'Andy Warhol" at the Grand Palais in Paris, writer Anthony Fawcett and Art Newspaper journalists Georgina Adam and Jean Fawcett. An exhibition of Warhol's portraits at the gallery continues until June 6, 2010.

Brigid Berlin, Taylor Mead and Gretchen Berg on The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol at the New York Public Library

Brigid Berlin

Brigid Berlin, Taylor Mead and Gretchen Berg will be appearing on a panel discussion on John Wilcock's (excellent) book of interviews, The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol, at the New York Public Library on June 23rd. The event will be moderated by Steven Watson, author of Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties. Admission is free.

Vito Giallo exhibition and website

Vito Giallo

A new website has been set up for Andy Warhol's commercial art assistant, Vito Giallo, who will be exhibiting his work at the Red Bud Gallery in Texas from June 5 - July 4, 2010.

A "Pietro Psaier" painting from the estate of Anna Nicole Smith to be sold in Hollywood Legends auction

Anna Nicole Smith auction

A painting by "Pietro Psaier" is being sold by Julien's Auctions as part of their Hollywood Legends sale taking place on June 26 - 27, 2010 in Las Vegas. The Psaier item is described as "Chanel No. 5 De Lux client silkscreen on canvas, marked 'A/P Proof.'" Psaier was the artist who a London auctioneer claimed had collaborated with Warhol on "joint works."

The $100 catalogue for the auction can be ordered from Julien's website.

Harold Stevenson exhibition in Oklahoma

Harold Stevenson

Harold Stevenson

An exhibition of work by Harold Stevenson - who appeared in a Warhol Screen Test, a Kiss film, a lost Warhol film titled Harold and (as Harold Childe) in Heat (dir. Paul Morrissey) - will take place May 22 - 27 at the Forest Heritage Center at Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma. The show is curated by Tawsha Davenport. In 2005 the Guggenheim Museum in New York acquired Stevenson's iconic pop portrait The New Adam (1962).

Stevenson also appeared in numerous films by Warhol's ex-lover Danny Williams in the '60s which were found several years ago by Callie Angell while researching the Andy Warhol film catalogue raisonné. Williams' suicide was the subject of A Walk Into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory directed by Esther Robinson - one of the best Warhol-related documentaries of the past decade.

In 1999 Stevenson also admitted to having had sex with the Abstract Expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock:

Harold Stevenson:

"Jackson Pollock I knew in the biblical sense (several times) from Mary's Bar on West 8th Street across the road from the original Whitney Museum (Greenwich Village 1949). Jackson fucked my ass not my brain." (Harold Stevenson, California Landscape: Journal Notes for making a painting, Mitchell Algus Gallery, May 18, 1999, p. 13)

Details of Stevenson's current show can be found on the flyer.

Callie Angell Obituary

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Callie Angell Jonas Mekas

Callie Angell and Jonas Mekas - April 9, 2010

Callie Angell, the author of the Andy Warhol film catalogue raisonné, has died. Her body was found on Wednesday, May 5th, in her apartment after she failed to show up for work. She was 62 years old - born on January 6th. She was due to give a talk on Warhol's unfinished film Batman Dracula at the Light Industry in Brooklyn on May 18th. The cause of death has been reported as "suicide."

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Screen Tests - by Conrad Ventur

Andy Warhol superstar Bibbe Hansen and Conrad Ventur

Bibbe Hansen and Conrad Ventur (Photo: Leee Black Childers)

An exhibition of work by Conrad Ventur - including his Screen Tests of Billy Name, Bibbe Hansen, Jonas Mekas, Ultra Violet, Ivy Nicholson and Penelope Palmer - will be shown the Momenta Art Gallery in Brooklyn from May 28 to June 29, 2010.

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