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andy warhol filmsAn Oral History of the life of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol spaceAbigail Rosen and Brigid Berlin in Andy Warhol's Tub Girls

Andy WarholAllen Midgette, the man who impersonated Andy Warhol

Andy WarholAndrea Feldman, star of Andy Warhol's Trash and Heat directed by Paul Morrissey

Andy WarholAbstract Expressionism - the art movement before Pop

Andy WarholAndy Warhol superstar, Baby Jane Holzer

Andy WarholBibbe Hansen, star of Andy Warhol's Prison and Boy George

Andy WarholJonas Mekas and the Expanded Cinema

Andy WarholPhotographer Billy Name who lived at Andy Warhol's Factory

Andy WarholBrigid Berlin, star of Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls and Bruce Pecheur from Andy Warhol's Trash directed by Paul Morrissey

Andy WarholCandy Darling, star of Andy Warhol's Women in Revolt directed by Paul Morrissey

Andy WarholArts and the Mass Media by Lawrence Alloway

Andy WarholChuck Wein, Edie Sedgwick's friend and off-screen voice in Andy Warhol's Beauty No. 2

Andy WarholRichard Hamilton responds to John McHale's Jr.'s comments on the This is Tomorrow poster - the beginnings of pop in the UK by members of the Indenpendent Group

Andy WarholDorothy Dean, the doorperson at Max's Kansas City who appears in Andy Warhol's My Hustler

Andy WarholEdie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol superstar

Andy WarholEric Emerson, star of The Chelsea Girls, directed by Andy Warhol

Andy WarholFreddy Herko who appeared in Andy Warhol's films and danced at Judson Church

Andy WarholGerard Malanga, assistant to Andy Warhol

Andy WarholHolly Woodlawn

Andy WarholIngrid Superstar

Andy WarholIvy Nicholson, model and Warhol superstar

Andy WarholJack Smith

Andy WarholJackie Curtis, Andy Warhol superstar

Andy WarholResponse to Richard Dorment about Joe Simon's alleged Self-Portrait of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol new
"a fact a day" - or more
gary c.

3 July 2015: Sotheby's has posted a video on their website hyping the results of their July Contemporary Art sale (see below) which included the sale of numerous Warhol dollar paintings. A woman at the beginning of the video proclaims that the sale produced the "highest total ever" for a Contemporary Art sale in London. That's as far as I got - the video was hurting my ears (and eyes). I would much rather have seen more footage from the auction itself - without the blaring sound track and annoying quick-fire editing. Do they honestly believe that buyers or sellers are actually influenced by this sort of thing? It's more of a 'turn off' than a 'turn on.'

The art press has been less kind to Sotheby's, noting that quite a few high profile items did not sell. Blouin ArtInfo notes that "the result failed to meet pre-sale expectations of £142.2-202.6 million on 58 lots offered. Nine of those 58 went unsold for what might have been a reasonable 15.5 percent buy-in rate by lot—except that three of those casualties carried a combined pre-sale low estimate of £43 million pounds." (

Warhol's hand painted One Dollar bill (Silver Certificate) (1962) went to a telephone bidder for £20,869,000 (est. £13-18 million). Warhol's dollars signs from the 1980s (once considered cheap cousins to his 'real' dollar paintings from the '60s) continue to rise in value - at least among dealers. José Mugrabi bought one for £4,685,000 (est. £4-6 million) and Larry Gagosian for £6,925,000 (est. £4.5-6.5 million).

Two major paintings from the Warhol dollars of 1962 went unsold: Front and Back Dollar Bills and Two Dollar Bills (Back) (40 Two Dollar Bills in Green).

Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei

2 July 2015: An exhibition of works by Ai Weiwei coupled with the works of Andy Warhol will open at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne prior to a run at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The double artist show, "Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei," will run at the NGV from 11 December 2015 to 24 April 2016 before opening at The Warhol in June 2016. The Warhol Foundation has supported Ai Weiwei for a considerable period of time. When he was detained by Chinese authorities in 2011, they issued a press release calling for his release. (See

"Richard Prince Sold Strangers' Instagram Photos
for $90k And It's Probably Legal"

1 July 2015: The Huffington Post has published an article on the appropriation of images by artists - "Richard Prince Sold Strangers' Instagram Photos For $90k -- And It's Probably Legal" - which includes an analysis of Warhol as the "father" of appropriation.

Article at:

Warhol's Nature

30 June 2015: "Warhol's Nature" opens at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern Art on the Fourth of July and includes a Spotify playlist of music that Warhol was known to listen to. The exhibition runs until 5 October 2015. Details at:

Andy Warhol and Schraffts

29 June 2015: A still from the commercial that Andy Warhol did for Schraffts in 1968 has appeared on ArtNet at:

Warhol makes reference to the commercial in an interview from the 10 November 1968 issue of The New York Times magazine - see

Robert Heide and Candy Darling

28 June 2015: Caffe Cino playwright Robert Heide has written an interesting account of the Village gay scene in the sixties, including a mention of Candy Darling. Heide wrote the play Bed on which Warhol based his film, Bed, as advertised in the 28 April 1966 issue of the Village Voice:

Bed by Andy Warhol ad

Village Voice ad 28 April 1966 advertising Warhol's
film, Bed, "based on a play by Bob Heide"

Robert Heide ("Riots at the Stonewall and magic at Caffe Cino; Gay revolution in Greenwich Village in the ’60s," The Villager, 25 June 2015):

I myself hit the Stonewall a few times back in the early days with a brownette, pointy-toothed Candy Darling. This was before he/she was given a makeover by the flamboyant Off Off Broadway theater director Ron Link, who taught Candy how to do her makeup in 1930s movie-star style.

The newly glamorized Candy was presented in a show written by Jackie Curtis at Bastiano’s Cellar Studio Theater in the Village called “Glamour, Glory and Gold,” which featured in his first stage role a young actor named Robert De Niro. For the Candy transformation, Link got out a white henna powder concoction that, when mixed with peroxide and pure ammonia and applied to dark hair, turned it platinum-white blonde, thus changing a drab Candy into a Kim Novak/Jean Harlow blonde bombshell.

Eventually, Candy went on to become a Warhol Superstar: for the final makeover touch Warhol paid to have Candy’s teeth capped pearly white. At about the same time, drag performers Jackie Curtis and Holly Woodlawn also jumped into the Warhol superstar film scene at the Factory.

The full article can be found at:

Anthony Haden-Guest

27 June 2015: Anthony Haden-Guest has curated an exhibition devoted to mid-70s to 90s NY club culture (including Studio 54 of course) at the WhiteBox Gallery. According to the gallery, "this exhibition will run throughout the summer at WhiteBox. Offsite musical performances and capsule exhibitions will be hosted at ACME and VS Gallery (dates to be announced)." The show closes on August 23rd - no dates yet for any off-site events.

Details at:

Candy Darling

26 June 2015: Laura Rubin is selling limited photographs of Candy Darling - "candy close up" "candy in black dress" "candy & jeremiah" "candy looking down" brooklyn, ny 1971 signed by artist. For pricing email

Candy Darling 1

Candy Darling 4andy warhol spaceCandy Darling 3

Candy Darling 2

The Chelsea Hotel

25 June 2015: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the redevelopment of the Chelsea Hotel "is running at least a year behind schedule, is over budget and has been the source of disagreements between its owners over how to position the hotel and how much to spend on upgrades." Joseph Chetrit bought the property from the families who owned it in 2011 for $78 million. After complaints by residents who filed a lawsuit against Chetrit for failing to "provide heat and hot water" and subjecting them to "hazardous dust," "collapsing ceilings," and creating a "serious fire safety hazard," he sold the property to a consortium who dealt with disgruntled residents by providing pay-outs and temporary housing arrangements off-site during construction. So far, the new owners have spent about $185 million in acquisition and renovation costs.

The article is at:

The Warhol presents Television

24 June 2015: The Warhol museum will be presenting the '70s new wave band, Television, at the Carnegie Music Hall on 25 September 2015 at 8 pm. In addition to Tom Verlaine the current configuration of the band features Jimmy Rip on guitar (who replaced founding guitarist Richard Lloyd in 2004), Fred Smith on bass, and Billy Ficca on drums. The Carnegie Music Hall is located in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh - the area where the Warhola's Dawson Street home was located.

Welcome to Oakland - Home of Andy Warhol - sign


Collecting Contemporary 1960-2015:
Selections from the Schorr Collection

23 June 2015: "Collecting Contemporary, 1960-2015: Selections from the Schorr Collection," opens at the Princeton University Art Museum this Saturday, 27 June 2015, and runs until 20 September 2015. Includes work by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Details at:

Thomas Keidrowski and James Warhola

22 June 2015: Thomas Kiedrowski, author of Andy Warhol’s New York City, and Andy Warhol's nephew, the illustrator and author James Warhola, will be speaking at The Palace in Stamford, Connecticut - on Friday 26 June at 8 pm.

Details at:

Andy's Randy Summer

21 June 2015: "Andy's Randy Summer" ends next week (25 June) at Christie's. The "over 18 only" online auction is advertised by Christie's as "coinciding with LGBTQ Pride month" and features Warhol's photographs, drawings and prints "that together offer visual explorations of sexuality, desire and the body within the gay community." It includes Fire Island Beach Party (1982), Men in Pool (1982), images from his Ladies and Gentlemen drag series, a portrait of Victor Hugo (1976 Polaroid), Sex Parts screenprints (including the anal sex image) and quite a few others - most going for only a few thousand dollars.

Details and images at:


Warholmania in Munich
Poster for "Yes! Yes! Yes! Warholmania in Munich"

20 June 2015: "YES!YES!YES! WARHOLMANIA IN MUNICH," a major festival of Warhol's films and art is taking place in Munich from 23 June to 28 October 2015, presented by the Museum Brandhorst and FILMFEST MÜNCHEN (#Warholmania). The museum will be exhibiting, for the first time, their entire collection of work by Warhol and there will be a large number of film screenings (curated by Glenn O'Brien and Katja Eichinger), panel discussions and other events.

Films to be screened include: Bike Boy, The Chelsea Girls, Lonesome Cowboys, San Diego Surf, Tarzan and Jane Regained, Sort of..., Camp, Screen Tests of Jane Holzer, Donyale Luna and Jack Smith; a special Edie Sedgwick program consisting of Beauty #2 and Outer and Inner Space; a Mario Montez program of Screen Test No. 2 (one of my personal favourites) and Mario Banana #1 and 2; a Velvet Underground program consisting of The Velvet Underground and Nico and the Screen Tests of Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, John Cale, Maureen Tucker and Nico and a Vinyl program including the Screen Tests of Larry Latreille, Gerard Malanga and Ondine.

Another program of films, "Beyond Warhol," chosen by Katja Eichinger, includes William Friedkin's Cruising (hilariously brilliant - who would have thought that they'd ever see Al Pacino snorting poppers on the dance floor of a gay disco after seeing someone get fisted in the backroom - clip at

Eichinger's selection of films also includes Cocaine Cowboys which was filmed on Warhol's Montauk estate by a a real-life drug dealer (Tom Sullivan) and features a cameo appearance by Warhol. Also showing is Ulli Lommel's Blank Generation and even Spring Breakers by the brilliant Harmony Korine(with executive producer Jane Holzer.) (An early interview with a young and adorable Hamony Korine can be seen on David Letterman show clip on YouTube:

And if that isn't enough to to get you to book a flight NOW to Munich, the panel discussions are going to include Glenn O'Brien moderating a discussion with Jane Holzer, John Cale and Sleep star John Giorno.

And - in addition to the Museum exhibition and film screenings, there is also going to be an exhibition of photography by Bob Adelman from 19 June - 25 July at the Schirmer/Mosel Showroom in Munich. Adelman is the photographer who took the photos of the Warhol party at Al Roon's health club (see news archive).

Details of film screenings and events at:

Details of the exhibition at:

More info on:

Bike Boy at:
The Chelsea Girls at
Lonesome Cowboys at:
San Diego Surf at:
Tarzan and Jane: at
Donyale Luna at:
Jack Smith at:
Screen Test No. 2 at:

In Living Color: Andy Warhol
and Contemporary Printmaking

19 June 2015: "In Living Color: Andy Warhol and Contemporary Printmaking" opens at the Tampa Museum of Art tomorrow. Details at:

Andy Warhol in Coast FM

18 June 2015: The remaining Warhol articles from the Coast FM & Fine Arts magazine (see previous story on The Truth Game) have been added to the Warhol Film Ads site, along with a number of other interesting articles from other publications - check the update list on the top of the main page at:

The Truth Game

17 June 2015: Alfredo Garcia has added a set of articles about Warhol from an extremely rare issue of Coast FM & Fine Arts magazine to his Warhol Film Ads site. The articles include one by John Hallowell who accompanied Warhol and a small group of superstars to Los Angeles at a time when Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey were talking to the press about making a film named after Hallowell's book The Truth Game.

Andy Warhol goes to Los Angeles for discussions on The Truth Game

( - scroll down)

The Truth Game trip to Los Angeles took place in May 1969 and was paid for by Columbia Studios. A 7 May 1969 article in Variety about Flesh and Lonesome Cowboys made reference to The Truth Game as "the next Warhol opus."

Kent E. Carroll ("More Structured, Less Scandalized Warhol Aiming for Wider Playoff," Variety, 7 May 1969):

The next Warhol opus, set to begin shooting on Los Angeles streets in about three weeks, is being financed by Michael Loughlin, producer of Joanna and new husband of Leslie Caron. All other pix were internally financed. The sum is $100,000 which included buying the title rights of John Hollowell's [sic] The Truth Game. According to Warhol, Caron, Clint Eastwood, Natalie Wood and Troy Donohue will all make brief appearances. Among the company of regulars the featured part wil be played by Candy Darling, a young man who attempts to appear as much as possible like a young woman. Laughlin will handle the distribution. (

An earlier reference to the film was made in the 24 April issue of the Village Voice:

article on Andy Warhol and The Truth Game

"Scenes" in The Village Voice, 24 April 1969, p. 55

Although The Truth Game was never made, Hallowell was credited with the idea behind Andy Warhol's Heat and plays a gossip columnist in that film. Warhol's boyfriend, Jed Johnson, and one of the editors of Heat, was part of Warhol's entourage when they visited L.A. for The Truth Game. (He's mentioned briefly in the Coast FM article.)

Also included from the same issue of Coast FM on the Warhol Film Ads site is a scathingly bitchy review of Warhol's films by Rex Reed, a more reasoned analysis of his films by Richard Whitehall and a fairly good filmography of Warhol's films, given the information known at the time.

Andy Warhol filmography in Coast FM

( - scroll down)

Bailey on Warhol in Scotland

16 June 2015: A free screening of David Bailey's film on Andy Warhol, Bailey on... Warhol (in which Warhol explains the reason for his Death and Disaster series and why underground films are called "underground"), will be held at the Scottish National Gallery on 27 July 2015. Details at:

According to Warhol star Jane Holzer, star of Soap Opera (see below) David Bailey "created" her when he shot her for a Vogue fashion shoot in the summer of 1963:

Jane Holzer (1964):

Bailey is fantastic. Bailey created four girls that summer [of 1963]. He created Jean Shrimpton, he created me, he created Angela Howard and Susan Murray. There's no photographer like that in America. Avedon hasn't done that for a girl, Penn hasn't, and Bailey created four girls in one summer. He did some pictures of me for the English Vogue, and that was all it took... Some people say I look like a child, you know, Baby Jane. And, I mean, I don't know what I look like, I guess it's just 1964 Jewish. (

Andy Warhol's Soap Opera

15 June 2015: Claire K. Henry of The Andy Warhol Film Project will be moderating a discussion about Andy Warhol's film, Soap Opera, starring Baby Jane Holzer and Sam Green, at the Whitney Museum in conjunction with the Jewish Museum's current exhibition, "Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television." Participating on the panel discussion will be the artist Alex Bag and Bruce Jenkins from the Art Institute of Chicago (and one of the numerous authors of the forthcoming second volume(s) of the film cat. rais.).

The panel discussion will take place on Saturday 18 July 2015 and will be preceeded by a screening of the film at 7 pm.

Details at:

More on Andy Warhol's Soap Opera at:

The Late Drawings of Andy Warhol

14 June 2015: "The Late Drawings of Andy Warhol 1973-1987" opens at The Hyde Collection Art Museum on 21 June 2015 and continues until 27 September 2015. Details at:

More Sticky Fingers

13 June 2015: The Warhol museum has set up a display relating to the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album, including the acetates of the mystery crotch (see below) used for the front cover. The Stones are due to play Pittsburgh on June 20th.

Andy Warhol's Montauk property to be sold for $85 million

12 June 2015: Warhol's Montauk property is back on the market - this time for $85 million. Paul Morrissey and Warhol bought the property for $235,000 in the 1970s. At that time Warhol owned considerably more property in Montauk than what is being sold now. After Warhol's death, part of his Montauk property became the Andy Warhol Nature Preserve (yes, nature preserve) and the rest went to Morrissey who sold it to J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler in 2007 for $27 million.

The art of Andy Warhol...

10 June 2015: Alfredo Garcia has added yet more fascinating articles to his Warhol Film Ads website - including this Weekend Telegraph article from 1965:

Andy Warhol in the Sunday Telegraph

"The Art of Andy Warhol... an appraisal by Nicholas Mosley/Photos by David Franklin,"
The Weekend Telegraph, September 10, 1965

The Warhol Dollars

9 June 2015: A private collection of 21 works of art inspired by the U.S. Dollar will be auctioned at Sotheby's on July 1st and 2nd in London. The auction will include the only Warhol dollar painting to have been painted entirely by hand, One Dollar Bill (Silver Certificate), 1962 (est. £13-18m) as well as Warhol's Front and Back Dollar Bills, 1962-63 (est. £13-18m); Dollar Sign, 1983 (est. £4-6m) and Dollar Signs, 1981 (est. £4.5-6.5m).

Andy Warhol's Pantry

8 June 2015: Brian L. Frye, who wrote "The Dialectic of Obscenity" which contained one of the clearest and factually correct accounts of the controversy surrounding Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures - has written two additional essays with Warhol content that are available on the internet. "Andy Warhol's Pantry" examines Warhol’s use of food and food products in his paintings and sculptures and also explores the legal ramifications of copyright and trademark in his work. It can be downloaded at: A second essay, "Three Great Phonographers: Warhol, Nixon & Kaufman" can be downloaded at:

Joe Dallesandro responds re: Sticky Fingers

7 June 2015: Joe Dallesandro has reacted to the "whose crotch was it on the Sticky Fingers album controversy" (see June 4th below) which was picked up in yesterday's issue of the New York Post. The Post article notes that "while the model is definitely not Jagger, many people were under the impression that it was actor Joe Dallesandro, who starred in several Warhol films. But those who were in Warhol’s inner circle say otherwise."

Glenn O'Brien is quoted in the Post article as saying it was his crotch that appeared on the inside cover: "I knew it was me because it was my underwear!... [Warhol] just said it was for a Rolling Stones album cover. I was a huge fan, so I was pleased, and also I got paid $100. Not bad for 20 minutes’ work.”

Joe Dallesandro responds, "Regarding the NY Post story about the Sticky Finger cover and inside sleeve: The photos were from '69 taken by either Billy Name or Andy. No posing or paying money in 1969, $100.00 was 2 weeks salary at the Factory for a 40 hour week and a movie or two. Inside was most likely Jay Johnson or Ronnie Cutrone. You have to remember the dates and who was really there at the time. So today it could be anybody as long as they're still alive. When I die, who knows who it will be... And who cares anyway."

Deborah Kass

6 June 2015: The New York Times has reviewed Deborah Kass' "Most Wanted" show at:

Andy Warhol, graphiste

5 June 2015: The author of the LP cover cat. rais. (as well as the separate volumes of Warhol's complete commissioned magazine work and his posters), Paul Maréchal, will be exhibiting his Warhol collection at the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke during the summer. "Andy Warhol, graphiste" runs from 6 June to 27 September 2015. Details at:

Sticky Fingers

4 June 2015: The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album, which featured Warhol's crotch shot on the cover, is being re-released next week. It has yet to be determined whose crotch was used - guesses include Joe Dallesandro who has claimed that it was his crotch on the cover, Glenn O'Brien (who claims his crotch was on the inside cover), Jay Johnson (doubtful), Corey Tippen (possibly) or an anonymous image pulled "out of a collection of junk photos" (plausibly).


Valerie Solanas

3 June 2015: The New York Daily News has reprinted their original 1968 article on the shooting of Andy Warhol at:

For more on Valerie Solanas, go to:

Mary Woronov

2 June 2015: Warhol star Mary Woronov continues to write a regular column on art for Artillery Magazine, published six times yearly. Her latest contribution, published last month, is an article on Egon Schiele:

Mary Woronov:

Artists like Schiele, Munch, Van Gogh, emerge in times of upheaval and rebellion. The ’60s was also one of these times. Along with the invention of the bomb, perennial war and nuclear power, Americans had decided to make their mark by eliminating the figure from art. But America did have one rebel gay artist who brought back the figure along with a few other American objects like the soup can, the car crash, the electric chair, the celebrity and even the Empire State Building. The new music was rock and roll, and the people managed to stop a war.

… After which art sank quietly into its conceptual grave.

The full article can be found at:

Pop Art in America

1 June 2015: "Pop Art in America" opened on Saturday, 30 May 2015, at the Foosaner Art Museum in Florida and continues until 30 August 2015. Chris Rodley's documentary on Warhol - Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture - will be shown at the museum on 16 July 2015. Details at:

Andy Warhol's Screen Tests

31 May 2015: Tonight is the final screening of Warhol's Screen Tests on the electronic billboards of Times Square. Download map by clicking on:

Willard Maas, Marie Menken and Charles Henri Ford

30 May 2015: The Film-makers' Cooperative is presenting a series of films by Willard Maas and Marie Menken at Le Petit Versailles in New York on Friday 5 June at 8:00 pm. In addition to being a filmmaker in her own right, Menken also appeared in Warhol's films, such as The Life of Juanita Castro and The Chelsea Girls. Maas was a poet in addition to being a filmmaker and was Gerard Malanga's faculty advisor at Wagner College when Gerard studied there. He was also, according to Gerard, the person who gave the blow job in Andy Warhol's Blow Job. Maas and Menken were old school - alcoholics rather than speed freaks.

The Co-op will also be screening Charles Henri Ford's film, Johnny Minotaur, on 10 June.

Details on the Co-op's website at:

Andy Warhol for Sale in Prague

29 May 2015: The Prague Daily Monitor is reporting that "Andy Warhol's artefacts" are going to be sold in insolvency proceedings with regard to the bankruptcy of the Czech Makum gallery. According to the report, Sotheby's offered 18 million crowns "for the collection" but the minimum price being demanded is 32 million crowns. ($1=25.072 crowns). The article notes that "in the deal, the receiver cooperates with the Andy Warhol Museum of Contemporary Art in Medzilaborce," although it doesn't indicate the details of that "cooperation." See:

Fred McDarrah

28 May 2015: The Telegraph is running an article on Fred McDarrah's exhibition in New York which includes a slide show of photographs of Warhol and other pop icons. I can't rate McDarrah's photos high enough. His images of San Francisco, Greenwich Village, the Beats and the art world are classics. I notice on Amazon that you can get used copies of his book, Beat Generation: Glory Days in Greenwich Village, at bargain-basement prices. Get it. It includes the photos he took at the Cedar Street Tavern and The Club (including ones of Ginsberg and Kerouac at The Club) in the '50s; the outside of Club Bizarre in 1959 (above which Larry Rivers had a studio and where Warhol would later discover the Velvet Underground); a rare picture of the outside of the San Remo cafe that is mentioned in Popism and in so many biographies of artists and writers; the outside of the Kettle of Fish where Edie met Dylan; and Taylor Mead with the manager of the Bagel Shop where Mead was discovered by Ron Rice who cast him in The Flower Thief. Looking at McDarrah's photographs makes everything seem so real - these artists really existed, were human like us, went to clubs like us and goofed around like us - revealing history as being more-or-less a record of the gossip (snapshots) of their lives.

The Telegraph article is at:

"Fred W. McDarrah: The Artist's World" opened at at the Steven Kasher Gallery on 24 April 2015 and continues until 6 June 2015. Details at: Not to be missed.

Warhol Underground

27 May 2015: Fred McDarrah's photographs of Warhol and his crowd are also included in the "Warhol Underground" exhibition that opens at the Centre Pompidou in Metz on 1 July 2015 and runs until 23 November 2015. The exhibition will focus on Andy Warhol's relation to avant-garde dance and music and will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Warhol meeting The Velvet Underground. À ne pas manquer.

Details at:

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