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May 2012
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Double Elvis fails to make mid-estimate

One of Warhol's Double Elvis paintings was sold by Sotheby's on 9 May for $33 million - just over its low estimate of $30 million and considerably less than its high estimate of $50 million. With buyer's premium included the total came to $37,042,500. The buyer was (surprise, surprise) Jose Mugrabi.

The real bargain in the sale was Arshile Gorky's Khorkom, an iconic signed work, named after Gorky's birthplace, that went for less than its low estimate of $3,000,000. It was sold for a bargain basement price of $2,750,550, including buyer's premium. It was bought by New York dealer Jack Tilton who was delighted with his purchase.

Rene Ricard to present The Chelsea Girls for Chelsea Hotel benefit

Rene Ricard will be presenting a special screening of Andy Warhol's film, The Chelsea Girls at the Anthology Film Archives on 1 May 2012 for the benefit of the Tenants' Committee at the Chelsea Hotel. Ricard appeared in The Chelsea Girls - as well as in The Andy Warhol Story (with Edie Sedgwick). Tickets are $25.

The Chelsea Hotel Tenants’ Committee is a group of residents represented by noted tenants’ rights lawyer Samuel J. Himmelstein. The group is fighting to preserve the hotel as a cultural landmark and to fight the demolition of over a hundred rooms.

Details here.

(Note to the Archives - the correct title of the film is "The Chelsea Girls," not "Chelsea Girls.")

Barcode Warhol

(Update 28 April 2012: Blake has made the Daily Mail: here.)

Scott Blake has created a flipbook of an image of Andy Warhol made up of 2,160 bar codes from Campbell's soup cans. Users can scan the codes with their smart phones and it will give them more information about the product.

A video of the flipbook can be found on You Tube at: here.

Blake's website, which also includes barcode flipbooks of Madonna, Jesus and 9/11, can be found here.

Billie Ray Martin's Warhol video

Billie Ray Martin is bringing out an EP with different mixes of her (excellent) track, "On Borrowed Time," inspired by Andy Warhol's Factory. The EP will be called Five Takes (a song about Andy) and is described by Billie Ray as "five different versions of 'On Borrowed Time' in the style of a screen test (i.e.the audio equivalent of a screen test) - five times an unrehearsed vocal take" and "five times different mixes and music put to the song." The video for the EP is being directed by Joern Hartmann.

Billie Ray Martin's website is here.

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