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Andy Warhol Blog
by g.c.

Andy Warhol's nephew issues statement about the Agusto Bugarin case

Andy Warhol's nephew, James Warhola, has issued the following statement in regard to the Warhol Foundation's legal action against Agusto Bugarin (scroll down for case details):

"Agusto Bugarin has the full support of the Paul Warhola Family. Agusto was a very trusted friend and assistant to my uncle for many years. I believe it's a huge mistake for the Warhol Foundation to label Agusto - 'a liar and a thief' in regard to his receiving the Liz Taylor painting as a gift. I remember Agusto being very devoted. It's an absolute disgrace that they would malign him that way. My uncle would be turning in his grave knowing his own Foundation was going after his most loyal assistant. I know my Uncle Andy was very generous with all of the Bugarin family. He loved that whole family as if they were his own."

Norman Glick directs Ron Tavel's plays

Norman Glick, the long-term partner of Harvey Tavel, is directing a production of two plays by Harvey's brother, Ron Tavel. (Ron wrote the script for many of Warhol's films in the sixties including the film version of The Life of Juanita Castro which included Harvey Tavel in the cast.)

The theatrical version of Juanita Castro and Kitchenette will run 28 November through 14 December 2014 at the Theater For The New City (tel: 212 254 1109). Cast includes Agusto Machado and Ruby Lynn Reyner.

Billy Name at the Milk

Billy Name photograph of the Velvet Underground

Lou Reed photographed by Billy Name

An exhibition of photographs by Billy Name - "Billy Name: The Silver Age" - will open at the Milk Gallery on 12 November and run until 7 December 2014. The exhibition is taking place in conjunction with the release of a book of the same title edited by Dagon James and Anastasia Rygle, with a foreword by John Cale and an introduction by Glenn O'Brien. (An interview of Billy by Glenn O'Brien also appeared in the Observer recently in the U.K. - see:

More information about the book here:

Details of the exhibition at the Milk Gallery here:

Liz goes into storage

At yesterday's hearing, Wednesday 5 November, presided over by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Kern, it was agreed by both parties that the Liz painting of disputed ownership should go into storage until a final decision is made as to who owns it - Agusto Bugarin, the brother of Warhol's Filipino housekeepers, or The Warhol Foundation.

Bugarin, who is mentioned in the Diaries as a sort of bodyguard, claims that the painting was given to him by Warhol whereas the Foundation is claiming that he stole it. Judge Kern has told both parties that they can each appoint a representative to look after the painting while it is in storage.

Claire Henry and Geralyn Huxley to participate on BAM panel

Claire Henry Blake Gopnik Gerlyn Huxley

Callie Angell's ex-assistant Claire Henry (now senior curatorial assistant the the Whitney) will be appearing with Geralyn Huxley at the Brooklyn Academy of Museum on 7 November 2014 in conjunction with their series of unseen Warhol films put to music by Tom Verlaine of Television fame, Martin Rev of Suicide and others. Having worked with Callie, Claire is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on Warhol's films around. Geralyn Huxley is the film and video curator at the Andy Warhol Museum. The event will be moderated by Blake Gopnik who wrote a rather interesting examination of Warhol's "Famous for 15 Minutes" essay here:

Putting music to Warhol's films has always been controversial. When Dean and Britta added a soundtrack to thirteen Screen Tests, some of the public loved it and some of the more serious underground film aficionados thought it a sacrilege. Was it an attempt to make the films less boring i.e. more "entertaining?" Should art be entertaining? "Boredom" is an important aspect of Warhol's films. There's the famous Warhol quote by Pat Hackett in Popism - "If they can take it for ten minutes, then we play it for fifteen... That’s our policy. Always leave them wanting less."A similar sentiment was expressed by John Cage: "If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all." (See "Andy Warhol and Boredom.")

On the other hand, Warhol did show at least some of his films in the background of musical performances by the Velvet Underground as part of the light show for the E.P.I. gigs. So playing music while his films are shown is not without precedent. But as the BAM films are previously "unseen films" would it have been more interesting and more authentic to show them initially without the addition of music?

On the third hand, it will be interesting to see what Tom Verlaine comes up with.

Details of the film screenings are here:

Details on the panel discussion here:

New section

I have added to the site a new section, Andy Warhol: From Nowhere to Up There, an oral(ish) history of the life of Andy Warhol which you will find at It's something I've been working on for awhile so I hope you will read it - in fact, you might be in it.

It's a work in progress. Currently it goes up to the Soup Cans. I am now working on the sixties and am especially interested in hearing from people who were around then but have been missed out in previous Warhol biographies - the nameless faces you see in photographs of the Factory. Email me at:

(The original pre-pop section is where it's always been at:

Agusto Bugarin denies stealing Liz painting

Ex-marine Agusto Bugarin has denied stealing a Warhol Liz painting despite protestations by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. The Chelsea gallery which is marketing the painting, the Taglialatella, has also been accused by the Foundation as "dealing in stolen goods" in court papers. The painting has not been reported as stolen to the police. According to the Courthouse News Service, "Taglialatella claims to have it checked with the Art loss Registry and confirmed that it had not been reported stolen before marketing the painting. Bugarin and the gallery both invited 'two senior employees' with the foundation to inspect the painting, and the foundation never raised objections until after it was slated for auction." Other artists handled by the gallery include Banksy, Jean Michel Basquiat, Jim Dine, Shepard Fairey, Helen Frankenthaler, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Roy Lichtenstein.

The full Courthouse News Service report can be found at:

Warhol Foundation sues the brother of Warhol's maids over Liz painting

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has launched a lawsuit against Agusto (aka Augusto) Bugarin for the return of a Liz painting that Bugarin claims was given to him by the artist for help with remodeling a New York apartment for Jon Gould. The legal action is a civil action. The Foundation has not reported Bugarin to the police for theft, although they have referred to it as theft in court documents.

Bugarin was the brother of Andy's maids - Nena and Aurora Bugarin.

In The Andy Warhol Diaries, Warhol describes Bugarin as a "small and adorable" ex-Marine:

Andy Warhol (30 April 1981):

"Nena and Aurora's brother, Agosto, came down to the office, the one who's small and adorable who was a Marine. Vincent talked to him about a job."

On 4 May, Warhol says, "A Detective Rooney or something like that from the NYPD came over. And Risa Dickstein, she's Interview's lawyer, said she has a detective we can hire, but I'm going to hire Agosto to be my bodyguard and go places with me." (p. 527-8)

Bugarin also, apparently, helped Warhol stitch his photographs together for Warhol's stitched or "Sewn Photographs."

Andy Warhol (29 April 1982):

"I had Brigid [Berlin] stitching away on the new sewing machine I bought because I want to sew my photographs together, but then it turned out that the best sewer is my bodyguard, the ex-Marine Agosto, because he worked in a sweatshop in Hawaii before he went into the Marines." (p. 616)

A Manhattan judge has issued a temporary restraining order in regard to the sale of the painting and a full hearing on the matter is to take place on Nov. 5. Details of the hearing will be posted here.

Herko article in the Guardian

The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. has published an article on Fred Herko and the Herko festival happening in New York (see below). The article can be found at:

David Weisman wins part of his lawsuit against Edie Sedgwick's husband, Michael Post

David Weisman, the producer of the non-Warhol (brilliant) movie, Ciao! Manhattan, starring Edie Sedgwick, has won the right to Edie's image on merchandising as long as the image is connected to the film. He was arguing that a section of his contract with Edie gave him the right to Edie's image in all circumstances.

Details in the Hollywood Reporter here:

Andy Warhol's porn cinema?

ad for porn films presented by Gerard Malanga

I have added to the site a short essay on "Andy Warhol's 'Porn Movie-House'" which you will find at: theatre.html.

The World Goes Pop at the Tate Modern

world goes pop at the Tate Modern

Ushio Shinohara, Doll Festival 1966
Doll Festival 1966
Photo courtesy of Tokyo Gallery+BTAP

"The World Goes Pop," an exhibition that examines Pop Art from an international perspective will run at the Tate Modern in London from 17 September 2015 to 24 January 2016. The exhibition includes Anthony Caro's commercial logo paintings as well as a large selection of art by women artists.

From the press release:

"Pop’s comic-book blondes and advertising models have become familiar images of the idealised female body, but this exhibition will also reveal the many women artists who presented alternative visions. The Pop body could be complex and visceral instead, from Brazilian Anna María Maiolino’s brightly coloured sculpture of digestive organs Glu, Glu, Glu 1966, to the paintings of cut-up and isolated body parts by Slovakia’s Jana Želibská and Argentina’s Delia Cancela. "The World Goes Pop" will also showcase many other women artists who played key roles in the movement, including Evelyne Axell, Eulàlia Grau and Marta Minujin, challenging the traditional cast of male figures who have come to dominate Pop’s canon."

Previous exhibitions by the curator of the show, Jessica Morgan, include "John Baldessari: Pure Beauty," "Martin Kippenberger," and a survey of the work of Mona Hatoum. Earlier this year she was appointed the Artistic Director for 10th Gwangju Biennale in the Republic of Korea.

Details of the Tate show can be found at:

Fred Herko

Fred Herko

A series of events celebrating the life of the dancer (and Warhol star) Fred Herko, organized by Herko biographer, Gerard Forde, will take place in New York to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the dancer's death in October. Full details at:

The Hugo-Warhol Mannequin Sculptures?

hugo-warhol mannequin sculptures


A video has appeared on Vimeo of a collection of mannequins which a Vimeo user called "Warhol Mannequins" claims were sculptures done by Andy Warhol and Victor Hugo. There are no details of who the uploader, "Warhol Mannequins," is.

They quote Warhol's colleague Stuart Pivar as saying, "Andy was talking and thinking for a long time of his wish to create sculptures, and creating the painted mannequins was the art project that he and Victor Hugo began with Andy running down to Victor’s place almost every afternoon for a long time… This collaboration with Victor on the painted mannequins which I witnessed went on for a long time and Andy was happy and enthusiastic about them and, going back to the Factory, Andy was telling people how he thinks the mannequins are the greatest thing of art there ever was… Now, when I look at the painted mannequins I can see what Andy meant. Andy Warhol’s painted mannequins are extremely beautiful things.”

There a clip of Mr. Pivar in the video but he does not make the assertion that he witnessed Hugo and Andy working on the mannequins in the clip. He refers to the project as "like an art project." The visits to Hugo's place are not mentioned in the diaries, nor are the mannequins. There is no record of them being shown during Warhol's lifetime. Warhol's diary does mention painting during this period but not with Hugo and not on mannequins. In fact, many of the "painted mannequins" in the video appear to be unpainted.

The "sculptures" were previously shown at the Milk Gallery in 2007. At that time the Artnet listing described them as having been owned by Warhol and that they "may" have been a collaboration, but does not assert that they were a collaboration.

From Artnet News (dated "Sept. 13, 2006" although it refers to 2007 in text):


Caracas-born Victor Hugo (1948-1993) was known as one of the greatest window dressers of '70s and '80s New York - and as the life partner of fashion designer Halston - but it is his association with Andy Warhol that gets him his due at Milk Gallery at 450 W. 15th Street, Sept. 11-30, 2007. Catherine Alexander has organized a show of Hugo-dressed mannequins that were once in Warhol's collection, and may have been the result of a collaboration between the two men (Hugo was definitely in Andy's orbit - his urine was integral to Warhol's 'Oxidation Paintings.') According to the gallery, research into the exact nature of the mannequins' origin is ongoing. (

It's unknown why the curator, Catherine Alexander, thought that these mannequins were once in Warhol's collection or how a claim could be made that they were a collaboration between Hugo and Warhol, just because Hugo and Warhol were friends. If Warhol had anything to do with these mannequins and meant them to be exhibited as works of art, he would have made them available during his lifetime.

London-based company MPC to help MoMA and The Warhol museum
to digitize previously unseen Warhol films

Paraphenalia by Andy Warhol

Paraphernalia by Andy Warhol

London-based company MPC is being utilized by MoMA and The Warhol museum to digitize what is being described on the BBC website as "hundreds of unseen Andy Warhol films." The BBC site also has the above picture from Paraphernalia which will be shown in October as part of the museum's 20th anniversary celebrations. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Some of the fruits of this project will be shown later this year when fifteen Warhol films that have never been seen by the public will premiere Oct. 17 at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland. The event, “Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films,” will feature live musical performances by Tom Verlaine, Martin Rev, Dean Wareham, Eleanor Friedberger and Bradford Cox."

Details at: and

New trailers for latest edition of Mary Woronov's Swimming Underground

mary woronov - swimming underground trailer

Two new trailers for the latest edition of Mary Woronov's Swimming Underground - her account of her time at Andy Warhol's Factory - has been posted to You Tube. The two trailers are at: and

Fourth volume of the Warhol catalogue raisonne due in September 2014

Andy Warhol catalogue raisonne

The fourth volume of the Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonne covering paintings and sculpture from late 1974-1976 will be published in September 2014. I can't rate the previous volumes of the Warhol cat. rais. high enough. Cataloging Warhol's prodigious output in a clear and concise manner is a major achievement. Given that both Sally King-Nero and Neil Printz have edited the fourth volume, it is bound to be as exciting and informative as the previous volumes they worked on. If you want to know Andy Warhol, read the catalogue raisonné. In the process of cataloguing his work, the authors have also created one of the most dependable and well-researched biographies of the artist. Highly recommended. (Amazon is offering a 32% discount on pre-orders of the fourth volume here.)

Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Magazine Work
to be published in October 2014

Andy Warhol The Complete Commissioned Magazine Work front cover

Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Magazine Work will be published in October 2014. The author, Paul Marechal, has previously written Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Posters 1964-1987 and the catalogue raisonné of album covers, Andy Warhol: The Record Covers 1949-1987.

Ray Johnson exhibition at MoMA

An exhibition of Ray Johnson's design work is being held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from 2 July to 29 September 2014. The exhibition, organized by David Senior, "focuses on Johnson's early printed materials, especially his promotional flyers for his work as graphic designer and illustrator."

MoMA has placed a considerable selection of information and work from the exhibition in one of its interactive online spaces at:

Images from Ray Johnson design exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York
Ray Johnson design images from
the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art

Viva exhibition in New York

Thousand Islands Arts Center

The Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton, New York

The Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton, New York will be hosting an exhibition of paintings by Warhol star Viva (Hoffman) this summer. "Viva, Viva! Landscapes Seascapes, East to West." will run at the gallery from 31 July to 29 August 2014. Viva will be at the opening. Details at:


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Whatever Happened to Naomi Levine?

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