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The Victor Bockris book on Warhol incorrectly gives the impression that Andy Warhol's Frankenstein and Andy Warhol's Dracula were filmed in the Summer of 1973. (In early August of that year, Warhol was in Italy filming his cameo appearance in The Drivers Seat with Elizabeth Taylor.)

Bob Collacello, who worked for Andy Warhol at the time, remembers the filming in spring 1973: "Andy Archie, and Fred commuted between New York and Rome that spring while Frankenstein and Dracula were being shot at Cinecitta. It was a tough schedule: Ponti had given them eight weeks, and an $800,000 budget, to shoot both movies back to back." (BC145)

Colacello's recollection is backed up by that of Joe Dallesandro, who starred in both films. In Little Joe Superstar (based on conversations with Joe as well as independent research), author Michael Ferguson confirms that the two films were shot "back-to-back over a two month period beginning in early March, 1973." (JOE120)

In David Bourdon's book on Warhol, he says that the films were made back to back in four weeks, rather than the two month period attributed by Ferguson and Collacello. (DB346)

Andy Warhol's Frankenstein was rated X and premiered in the United States in May 1974. Dracula was released in 1975. (DB346)

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Andy Warhol

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