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Andy Warhol Chronology


When Andy Warhol moved into the brownstone, Fred Hughes moved into Warhol's old house on Lexington Avenue at 89th Street and Vincent Fremont moved into Hughes' old apartment on East 16th Street.

Andy's boyfriend, Jed Johnson, moved in with Warhol - his bedroom was on the third floor, like Andy's, and done "rather severely" in Mission oak. Jed was in charge of decorating their new home:

Bob Colacello: "Andy constantly complained about how much money Jed was spending, even though the style he had chosen, American Empire (Early Nineteenth Century), was still completely undiscovered and, for the most part, unwanted. Most of the pieces Jed bought cost between a couple of hundred and a couple of thousand dollars... Of course, once it became known that Andy Warhol's house was done in American Empire, and that Yves Saint Laurent had asked Jed to do his new Hotel Pierre apartment in the same style, the prices started climbing and never stopped." (BC240)

The following year, in February 1975, Bob Colacello moved into an "airy" three room apartment - located three blocks away from Warhol's new home - in the Leonori at 26 East 63rd Street, "a turn-of the century residential hotel that had recently been renovated":

Bob Colacello:"Now that Andy and I lived three blocks apart,we saw even more of each other... Shortly after moving in, I came down with the flu, my temperature soaring in the middle of the night. I didn't have any aspirin, and when it hit 103 degrees, I panicked and called Andy about two in the morning.

'You can't call me this late,' said Andy.

'I thought Jed could come around the corner with some aspirin,' I said.'But what if he gets what you have and gives it to me?' was Andy's reply.

Jed picked up on an extension and promised Andy that he would leave the aspirin with the doorman to avoid the risk of infection, but he actually did come up to see if I was all right, and I promised not to tell anyone he had." (BC242)

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