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Andy Warhol Chronology

Andy Warhol, the Trip and the Castle

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Sterling Morrison:

"We had a horrible reputation. Everybody figured we were gay. They figured we must be, running around with Warhol and all those whips and stuff. One day Andy cooked eggs for everybody at the Castle. After about a week and a half waiting for the Trip to re-open I moved to the Tropicana. Los Feliz, the street that led to the Castle, was too far from the club scene on Sunset Strip. Faison and Danny were already there at the Tropicana and I had had enough of Patrick Tilden imitating Bob Dylan's gyrating speech patterns up at the Castle. There wasn't much partying at the Castle while we were there because of our reputation - rumours so sinister were making the rounds on the Strip that hardly anyone had the courage to visit. And those who dared come up at night found dark rooms and passageways, lit only by an occasional flickering brazier, strains of music from the acetates of the first album, mutterings, shufflings and an occasional human form, such as Severn Darden gliding by in his monk's attire. I do not exaggerate. At the Tropicana we partied with The Buffalo Springfield who were staying there too, and various others fro the LA music scene. I rode all over the place on a motorcyle that Kurt von Meier lent me and as often as not was at the Castle anyway. It's just that I wasn't stuck up there." (UT67/8)

back to MAY 3 - 18, 1966: THE VELVETS PLAY THE TRIP

Andy Warhol

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