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Andy Warhol Chronology


Bob Colacello:

"In July, Andy and Truman did an Interview promotion in Southampton... We also had a sky writing plane flying from Westhampton to Montauk and back that day, spelling out Andy Warhol's Interview across the clear blue horizon - it cost remarkably little. Andy, Fred [Hughes], and I limousined out with Andy's latest crush, James Curley [Mellon], the dashing young son of Nixon's former ambassador to Ireland and Bush's current ambassador to France. Curley brought along Lisa Rantz, a perky fashion stylist who also had a crush on him. Andy told me I should give her a job...

On Sunday, we took the Interview promotional tour to Fire Island Pines, with sky writing but without Truman, who said Fire Island was finished. It was actually at the height of its popularity, a non-stop orgy at the end of the Disco Decade. Rupert Smith, James Curley, and I picked up Andy in the limo. Jed was at the window, watching as we drove off. Andy said that Jed had asked him who Curley was the previous morning and he had said Rupert, and now he was worried because Jed had seen the real Rupert.

'You really think people are dumb,' I told him, 'don't you, Andy?'
He just laughed, and said, 'Listen, Jed's no angel...'

The signing was at the Hardware boutique, adjacent to the Boatel, where the infamous afternoon 'tea dance' was in full swing... most of the dancers were in short-shorts and jockstraps, on poppers and coke, and not in the mood to read, or stop moving. 'Who gives a shit about Andy Warhol' was a typical reaction. 'I can see her any night at 54.'" (BC409)


Andy Warhol

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