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Andy Warhol Chronology

Holly Woodlawn:

"During that sweltering summer, Corely rented a two-story house on Fire Island. The boardwalk was continuously crawling with fashion photographers, art directors... and models, not to mention a handful of stars... Two such colorful personalities were Liza Minnelli and Pat Ast, who both were hanging out at Halston's.

Pat Ast was always offering free entertainment on the beach. There she was was, her stout legs planted firmly in the sand, her face painted brighter than the neon in Times Square, her dazzling eyes big and alive as she sang arias to the two muscle boys flanking her sides. She swayed back and forth, her fabulous Halston chiffon muu-muu rippling in the brisk sea wind, belting out operas to anyone who'd listen... She could belt out notes so powerful, you could actually feel her voice vibrate.

I would generally spend my weekdays in Manhattan and the weekends on Fire Island with Corely. I was living near Sutton Place in a swank little neighboryhood near the Fifty-ninth Street Bridge... Down the block and around another corner was a little gin joint called Gypsy's, which is where I used to hang out on my nights off.

While I was yucking it up at Gypsy's and cocktailing on the Island, Miss Curtis had finally come to her senses and gone back to being a man. We saw each other infrequently after Candy's death because it seemed we had nothing more in common." (HW265-7)

Andy Warhol

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