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Andy Warhol

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peter allen at funeral of Candy Darling paul ambrose at the funeral of Candy Darling dorian gray and carmen d'alessio at candy darling's funeral eric emerson at the funeral of candy darling victor hugo and jane holzer at candy darling's funeral john phillips at the funeral of candy darling

maxime de la falaose and kenneth lane at the funeral of candy darling candy darling parents pat ast and julie newmar at candy darling funeral sylvia miles at funeral of candy darling tally brown at candy darling funeral candy darling in harper's bazaar

Julie Newmar: "I loved Candy and she adored me. She had such a strong sense of femininity. More women should be like her. Her feminity was even stronger than mine. I'd sometime slip and uncross my legs but you'd never see Candy doing that. She always had her legs crossed just right. She'd fluff her hair and even flirt with my boyfriend but I was never threatened by her. She so strongly appealed to me as a wonderful human being. The last time I saw her she was wearing this fabulous purple Harlow-ish nightgown. She was eating chocolate."

Baby Jane Holzer: "Everything she said on stage was exactly right and she was that way in life. Everything she said was so perfect for what she was trying to do. I also thought she was very pretty."

Pat Ast [reciting from 'Memory' by Kahlil Gibran]: "Everyone has experienced that truth; that love, like a running brook, is disregarded, taken for granted: but when the brook freezes over, then people begin to remember how it was when it ran, and they want it to run again."

Peter Allen: "The two of us were lost in the woods while walking in Litchfield, Connecticut and Candy was worried whether it would appear in the Village Voice or Interview."

Sylvia Miles: "This past winter when Adriana Jackson had a birthday party for Candy, I gave her some pearls, she had others on and put them on top of hers. She said: 'It can never be too much, there's never enough of pearls'."

Eric Emerson: "She layed in the hospital bed and sang a song from me 'White Shoulders' from a play we did together four years ago. When someone would cry, she said 'I don't want to see that'."

Maxime de la Falaise McKendry: "She was staying with me and a young man came to pick her up for a date. She said 'I'll have to ask mother'."

Kenneth Jay Lane: "I received in the mail a very proper lady's thank you note. It could have been written by an Ambassador's wife, thanking me for the pearls I gave to her for her birthday. I always thought of Candy as a lady."

(The above is from the May 1974 issue of Interview magazine)

back to MARCH 21, 1974: CANDY DARLING DIES

Andy Warhol

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