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MAY 2004
Andy Warhol
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Three new Warhol books are published this month: Andy Warhol: The Late Work edited by Jean-Hubert Martin, Andy Warhol: Time Capsule 21 by Andy Warhol, John W. Smith, Mario Kramer and Matt Wrbican and Andy Warhol 365 Takes: The Andy Warhol Museum Collection.

Andy Warhol: The Late Work was originally published in Europe to coincide with with the exhibition of the same name at the Museum Kunst Palast in Dusseldorf, Germany which continues through May, 2004 ( It's a beautiful 3 volume box set with excellent reproductions of the best of Warhol's late work. One volume includes the Oxidation paintings (as illustrated on the cover), the Shadows series, the Physiological Diagrams, the Jean-Michael Basquiat collaborations and, of course, Warhol's Last Supper paintings. Another volume includes Warhol's photographs, stills from the three Paul Morrissey directed films that were shown at the Museum (Women in Revolt, Heat and L'Amour), a selection of photos from Andy Warhol's TV and his MTV television show Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes and three selected interviews from Interview magazine featuring Roman Polanski, Max Ernst and Mick Jagger. The third volume of "texts" contains interviews with and articles about Warhol. Highly recommended.

Andy Warhol: Time Capsule 21 is a 304 page book devoted to just one of Warhol's time capsules. This particular time capsule was chosen because it contains a significant amount of work by the artist from the 50s and 60s as well as important ephemera from the era.

Andy Warhol 365 Takes: The Andy Warhol Museum Collection is a 744 page book published by Harry N. Abrams following the same format as Abrams' best-selling Earth From Above: 365 Days. The Warhol book documents highlights from the Warhol Museum's collection and coincides with the museum's 10 year anniversary.

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The Campbell's Soup Company is currently marketing special limited edition Warhol-inspired soup cans to commemorate Andy Warhol's paintings of the same. A copy of Warhol's signature appears on the cans. Pittsburgh-based grocery company, Giant Eagle, are the first to carry the cans.

Campbell's is also hosting a competition with the grand prize being a trip to Campbell's Souperstar Mansion - including a butler, a personal chef to heat up your soup and a swimming pool with a waterfall. Details for the competition are at The company's website at also features an online shop with a large selection of soup related items, including a book on Warhol's Campbell's Soup boxes.

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The director of I Shot Andy Warhol, Mary Harron, is currently working on a film about fifties porn pin-up Bettie Page. Page's pathway to porn immortality began when her second husband, a police officer, took scantily clad pictures of his young wife, producing Bettie's first pinup portfolio in in the early 1950s.

The cast of the film includes Lili Taylor who played Valerie Solanas in Harron's Warhol film and Jared Harris who played Andy Warhol in the same film. The lead role of Bettie Page will be played by Gretchen Mol. Christine Vauchon who produced I Shot Andy Warhol will also be co-producing this film.

Previously, Harron had been working on a screen adaptation of the punk rock oral history, Please Kill Me, as reported here in May 2003.

The official Bettie Page website, with photo gallery, is at

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Andy Warhol's Silver Clouds are at the Boise Art Museum in Idaho until May 23, 2004, as part of their exhibit, Thin Skin: The Fickle Nature of Bubbles, Spheres & Inflatable Structures, which includes video, sculpture, photography and installations by 21 different artists.

In addition to Andy Warhol, artists represented in the exhibit include Lee Boroson, Ann Lislegaard, Miri Segal, Sutee Kunavichayanont, Laura Bruce, Annika von Hausswolff, , Haluk Akakce and Olafur Eliasson who recently took London by storm (or, rather, by 'fog') with his Weather Project installation in the foyer of the Tate Modern.

Although the Boise exhibit has been criticized for being "over-curated", it seems particularly popular with younger visitors to the museum:

Chris Schnoor [writing in the Boise Weekly]: "Predictably, the Idaho Statesman’s coverage of the exhibit billed it as essentially an amusement park with party favors provided. Consequently, during spring break chaos reigned with herds of young children having pillow fights with Andy Warhol’s helium/air filled floatables and stressed-out moms trying to keep them in check, making it pretty tough to consider, let alone hear anything. The guards had their hands full."

In other words, bring the kids. They'll love it.

Details at

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The Warhol Museum will be kicking off its 10 year anniversary celebrations with a party on May 15, 2003 which has been appropriately named The Garden of Earthly Delights Party. A guest celebrity DJ is promised and live music will be provided by Pittsburgh band, Element 5.

Films being shown at the Warhol museum during May include The Chelsea Girls, Soap Opera (Jane Holzer's first full length Warhol film) and Restaurant featuring Edie Sedgwick, Ondine, ex-Max's Kansas City doorperson Dorothy Dean and Gino Piserchio. Gino was Edie's underwear clad co-star in Beauty No. 2 who sadly died of AIDS in 1991.

The website for the Warhol Museum is at

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One of Warhol's collaborative works with Jean-Michel Basquiat will be auctioned off at Christie's in New York on May 12, 2004 signed by both artists. It is expected to fetch a very reasonable estimate of $250,000 - $350,000.

At Christie's in London, Warhol related pop memorabilia will be auctioned on May 5, 2004. Included will be several signed copies of Interview magazine (est. £250 - £350 each) and a signed 1972 Warhol designed album cover of the Rolling Stones' Love You Live which is expected to fetch £400 - £600.

The website for Christie's is at:

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The National Portrait Gallery in London is currently showing British artist Sam Taylor-Wood's video portrait of football player David Beckham sleeping. The video was specially commissioned by the gallery. Unlike Warhol's Sleep which featured poet John Giorno sleeping for more than five hours, Wood's sleeping David Beckham lasts only 67 minutes - although the artist has confirmed that the video was shot in real time.

Sam Taylor-Wood, previously nominated for a Turner Prize, is one of the stars of the YBA movement in England. She was named the most promising young artist at the Venice Biennale in 1997 and two years ago became the youngest artist and first woman to have a retrospective at the Hayward Gallery in London. She is also married to Damien Hirst's dealer, Jay Jopling.

Her video portrait of David Beckham sleeping is simply titled David. The website for the National Portrait Gallery is at

A video interview with Sam Taylor Wood can be found on the BBC website at:

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Following its successful world premiere at the National Film Theatre in London, the highly entertaining Jackie Curtis documentary, Superstar in a Housedress, plays the Film Forum in New York May 5 - 18, 2004... The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is currently hosting a Pop Art exhibit which finishes on September 19, 2004... the windows of Selfridges department store in London will be hosting the glamorous art of Vic Muniz May 5 - 31, 2004... Knightsbridge Fine Wines will be launching a new collection of wines called Amer*Icon which will feature a print of an Andy Warhol picture and will retail for approximately $30.00 per bottle...

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Andy Warhol
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Andy Warhol


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