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Andy Warhol

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MARCH 2005 (3)

Andy Warhol

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The University of Nebraska Press has now listed the forthcoming book on Paul Swan - The Most Beautiful Man in the World - on their website at

The biography was first mentioned here in February 2005. Warhol's film of Swan, made in 1965, is often screened at the Andy Warhol Museum and the shooting of the movie is covered in the book. If you would like to know when this item becomes available, please click on the "notify me"button on the publisher's website.

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The Dominique Levy Fine Art Gallery in New York is hosting an exhibit of polaroids and silkscreens of Warhol's Self-Portraits and Ladies and Gentlemen in conjunction with Salon 94 which will also be showing Warhol's Sex Parts and Torsos.

The idea for the the Ladies and Gentlemen series (consisting of images of drag queens) came from a protegeé of art dealer Alexander Iolas named Anselmino, who had previously commissioned Warhol to do an edition of one hundred prints of Warhol's Man Ray portrait. When Warhol went to Torino to sign the prints, Anselmino suggested he do a series of drag queens, suggesting portraits of Jackie Curtis, Holly Woodlawn and Candy Darling - not realizing that Candy Darling was dead. Instead, Warhol used models found at the The Gilded Grape on West 45th Street, frequented by black and hispanic transvestites.

Bob Colacello: "We would ask them to pose for 'a friend' for $50 an hour. The next day, they'd appear at the Factory and Andy, whom we never introduced by name, would take their Polaroids. And the next time we saw them at the Gilded Grape, they invariably would say, "Tell your friend I do a lot more for fifty bucks." (BC228)

Warhol did his Torso and Sex Parts series in 1977. According to Warhol's assistant at the time, Ronnie Cutrone, Warhol would take polaroids of of men having sex that Halston's boyfriend, Victor Hugo, would "recruit" from gay bath houses. A selection of these prints, along with prints from the Ladies and Gentlemen series appear in the (excellent) book, Andy Warhol: Men, currently being sold by Amazon at a discounted price.

The Dominique Levy Fine Art Gallery is located at 30 East 74th Street in New York. Salon 94 is at 12 East 94th Street. The website for Salon 94 is at (click on "upcoming" exhibitions for information on the current one.)

Further information on these works appears in the 1975-79 section of this website here.

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David Michael Brown, a British freelance writer currently based in Sydney, Australia, has contributed the following news item:


Factory film director Paul Morrissey’s post-Warhol work is still hard to view, let alone own on DVD. The director is working on a new transfer of his 1985 trash classic Mixed Blood but, apart from that, you have to travel to Australia where, rather bizarrely, Morrissey’s Madame Wang’s has been released as part of Force Entertainment’s region four DVD release The Andy Warhol Collection – 7 Cult Films from The Factory. Strange, as Warhol had nothing to do with the film whatsoever.

Madame Wang’s joins Flesh, Heat, Trash, Women in Revolt, Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein in the collection. The eight DVD box set also includes an extra disc, Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture, an edited version of the three-part documentary first shown on Channel 4 in the UK.

The set doesn’t quite match the gorgeous trilogy box set of Flesh, Trash and Heat available in France but as a great way to get almost all of the Morrissey/ Warhol films at once, you just can’t go wrong. All we need now are releases of the super rare L’ Amour and Lonesome Cowboys to really complete the picture.

Available at and

David Michael Brown's blog spot is at:

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An exhibition of works by Jonas Mekas opened at the Maya Stendhal Gallery in New York on March 3, 2005. Films being shown include Cassis, Notes on the Circus, Mozart & Wein & Elvis, Letters from Greenpoint, Happy Birthday to John and Travel Songs. Clips of the films appear on the gallery's website at:

In addition to making his own films, Jonas Mekas wrote a regular film column for the Village Voice newspaper and was the editor of Film Culture magazine. Mekas was involved in the showing and distribution of most of Andy Warhol's film output in the 1960s through the Film-makers' Cooperative which he founded to distribute experimental films. The films would often be shown at one of Mekas' Filmmakers' Cinematheques at various Manhattan venues including the Charles Theater (until 1963), the Bleecker Street Cinema (where avant-garde films were shown at midnight screenings on Saturdays) and the Grammercy Arts Theater. Warhol's first film, Sleep, premiered at the Grammercy Arts Theater on January 17, 1964.

Throughout his life, Mekas championed the cause of the avant-garde even when it meant risking a jail sentence. On March 2, 1964, when Mekas presented Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures (along with Andy Warhol Films Jack Smith Filming Normal Love), at the New Bowery Theater on St. Marks Place, Mekas was arrested along with filmmaker Ken Jacobs (the projectionist) and Florence Karpf (who was the ticket-taker for the screening). On June 12, 1964 they lost their legal case and Mekas and Jacobs were sentenced to sixty days in the New York City workhouse. Their sentences were suspended but, because the court's ruling has never been reversed, Flaming Creatures remains "obscene" in the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx where it is still technically illegal to show it. (JS162)

Jonas Mekas: Fragments of Paradise continues at the Maya Stendhal gallery until April 30, 2005. Full details of the exhibit are on the website for the gallery at:

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This month I have added to the site an interview with photographer, Laura Rubin. Rubin photographed many of Warhol's stars during the late sixties and early seventies, including Andrea Feldman, Holly Woodlawn, Candy Darling, Francis Francine and Mario Montez.

Her photographs have been reproduced in various books on the era, including My Face for the World to See: the Diaries, Letters and Drawings of Candy Darling and Holly Woodlawn's autobiography, A Low Life in High Heels.

You can access the interview through the articles section or by clicking here.

Laura's website, which includes a sample of her work, is at:

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In June 2005, Penguin will be publishing a 241 page hardback biography of Warhol star, Jackie Curtis, written by Craig B. Highberger who also directed the documentary film Superstar in a Housedress. The book will include a DVD featuring the full theatrical version of the film as well as more than 30 minutes of extras – including deleted interview footage, a Curtis prose poem, and scenes from Curtis’ 1974 revival of Glamour, Glory and Gold.

Highberger is currently working on a documentary on the life and work of celebrity photographer, Jack Mitchell. The Warhol Museum's exhibition of Mitchell's photographs, Icons and Idols, closes on April 17, 2005.

Amazon is currently offering a discounted price for pre-orders of the Jackie Curtis book and DVD, here. Jack Mitchell's book, Icons and Idols, is also available on Amazon, here.

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Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

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