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Andy Warhol

JANUARY 2005 (1)

Andy Warhol

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Robert Feinberg and Ruby Lynn ReynerThe multi-talented Jayne County, who appeared in the London production of Andy Warhol's Pork in 1971, will be hosting a Glitz Rock evening at CBGB on January 14, 2005, to benefit the film, Finding Heaven.

Finding Heaven was originally shot by Robert Feinberg in 1970. The footage was lost for nearly thirty years and the film is currently in the process of being completed by Feinberg. Featured in the cast is Ruby Lynn Reyner, Holly Woodlawn, Mary Woronov and Ondine. Reyner starred in the original production of Jackie Curtis' Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit at the Playhouse of the Ridiculous and was maid of honor at Jackie Curtis' "wedding."

The film includes footage of fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo photographing Ruby in his studio and some incredible scenes shot at the Bowery Follies - an old vaudeville house which has since been torn down. Ondine plays a gynecologist with Holly Woodlawn as his patient. Mary Woronov plays a swimming instructor teaching water ballet to a group of middle-aged housewives.

Updates on the film's progress will appear here, with details of any screenings as they become available.

The Glitz Rock benefit at CBGB will take place on Friday, January 14, 2005, with doors opening at 7:00 pm. Bands playing on the night will include Ruby and the Rednecks (who originally opened for the New York Dolls over twenty years ago at Max's), as well as the Victims, Tuff Darts, the Dishwashers and The Hudson Dusters (with Freddie Frogs). A flyer for the event appears here.

The website for CBGB is at: Jayne County's website is at: Allan Tannebaum, whose photograph is featured above, is the author of the excellent book of photographs, New York in the 70s, which is currently being offered at a discount of almost 40% at Amazon.

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Warhol star Ivy Nicholson recently screened her new film, The Dead Life, at New York's Gershwin Hotel on January 2, 2005. Nicholson directed the film which stars her son and daughter, Gunther and Penelope Palmer as well as actor James Tully.

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(update: Powerhouse has now extended the period to January 8, 2005 that they will be donating the proceeds to the Red Cross for victims of the tsunami.)

RP3 with Warhol tagFrom January 1 to January 7, 2005, Powerhouse Books in New York will be donating the full list price of any books purchased from their bookstore inventory list to the American Red Cross International Response Fund for victims of the tsunami.

The inventory includes Patrick McMullan's latest book In Tents as well as works by John Coplans, Larry Fink, Sylvia Plachy, Richard Hell and several Magnum photographic anthologies.

From January 13 - March 15 the Powerhouse Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of the Hip Hop Files: 1979–1984 from the book by Martha Cooper. Proceeds from the book will go to the tsunami fund if purchased during the first week of January.

The full list of books available can be found on the Powerhouse website at:

Up to date information about the disaster can be found at the BBC website at:

The International Red Cross has started a website for people searching for their friends and family members who were in the region at the time at:

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Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol