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Holly Woodlawn

Holly Woodlawn in East of the Tar Pits
(photo copyright © Gary LeGault)

Holly Woodlawn has finished filming her new movie, East of the Tar Pits, which follows the trials and tribulations of a displaced New York housewife and her lifelong desire to visit Barbra Streisand's ranch in Malibu.

Holly Woodlawn and Frank Messina

Holly Woodlawn and Frank Messina in East of the Tar Pits
(photo copyright © Gary LeGault)

Gary LeGault, the director of the film, explains how the project came about:

"I've known Holly for twenty-eight years, after video-taping her appearance at at a nightclub called S.N.A.F.U. in New York City during 1978. I never really expected for us to be working on a film together but a few years ago we were reunited in California and I thought that I would write a screenplay just for her. Happily, she has given our little movie her complete attention. Her performance in the film is quite dynamic and I think that people will like what they see. The other actors are also very good. Holly's leading man, Frank Messina, played a regular character on the daytime soap opera, Santa Barbara, during the 1990's and her co-star, Robert Sherman, was one of the subjects in some of Robert Mapplethorpe's photographs."

Robert Sherman

Robert Sherman in East of the Tar Pits
(photo copyright © Gary LeGault)

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