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There will be a rare screening of the original 3D version of Paul Morrissey's Frankenstein (Produced by Andy Warhol) at the World 3-D Film Festival on Saturday September 16, 2006 at midnight at the Egyptian theatre in Hollywood. The film stars Joe Dallesandro as Nicholas, the stable boy, with Udo Kier playing Baron Frankenstein and Monique Van Vooren as the Baroness.

From Little Joe Superstar: The Films of Joe Dallesandro by Michael Ferguson:

"Joe's darkly handsome features and laconic sexual buzz are perfect for the role... He comes off like the most vapid of stilted horror movie heroes - a David Manners from Queens - and achieves some level of brilliance when reciting dead dialogue about having to get into the Baron's lab while the Baron's nympho sister/wife loudly sucks and laps away at his armpit during an erotic tryst. The armpit oral sex scene, reportedly actress Monique Van Vooren's answer to her director's request to do something original with Joe, is among the most absurdly funny sex scenes Morrissey has ever done and he calls it a personal favorite." (p. 125)

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