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Cover of Blur's Think Tank album
featuring the artwork by Banksy that
went for more than $100,000 at Bonhams

Graffiti artist turned fine artist, Banksy, broke his own auction record at Bonhams in London on October 25, 2006 just days after his Warholesque silkscreen series of Kate Moss as the Mona Lisa was sold for more than five times its estimate at Sothebys, fetching £57,600.00/$107,706.00 The work sold at Bonhams - a spray paint on steel painting of a couple embracing while wearing deep-sea helmets - was used on the cover of Blur's Think Tank album. It went for £62,400.00/$116,681.00 - more than ten times its estimate. The work will remain in a private collection of Pop Art in England.

The influence of Warhol on Banksy is evident from the following selection of works which includes his Tesco soup can:

Details of Banksy's career as an artist can be found at:

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