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JUNE 2006
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Factory Girl

A message purporting to be from the director of Factory Girl was posted to the IMDB message board on June 15, 2006. In his message the alleged George Hickenlooper defends his film from critics who have yet to see it and criticizes David Weisman for making Ciao Manhattan ("in the back of my mind I wonder how much the making of Ciao contributed to her own demise.") He also urges potential viewers to refrain from pre-judgment, writing "I am not making this film to get rich. Everyone who worked on Factory Girl worked for scale wages. In fact I had to put a large portion of my salary back into the movie just to get in made. Factory Girl is a very sympathetic portrayal of Edie Sedgwick. It is true to the spirit of her story. And a lot of people agree including those who knew her -- members of her family and the Factory are all involved with and support this project." (Does that include Bob Dylan, Baby Jane Holzer or Lou Reed?)

The full message can be found at

What appears to be a poster for Factory Girl is now featured on the website of Myriad Pictures. The poster includes a pop-like image of Sienna Miller as Edie looking like Catherine Deneuve (or is it Faye Dunaway?) and Guy Pearce unsuccessfully emulating Warhol's two finger pose. Also included on the website is a selection of photos from the film - including what looks like a reanactment of the famous photograph of Warhol testing out his Silver Clouds on a rooftop and a Hollywoodesque synopsis of the film:

"Edie has the world at her feet. Every woman wants to be her. Every man wants to be with her. But unable to find the love she craves from Andy and The Factory Edie turns to the “voice of a generation” singer-songwriter Danny Quinn, a captivating and talented musician who represents everything that Andy is not - where Andy is all cool surfaces, Danny burns with the fire of his convictions. Danny pushes Edie to free herself from Andy, who has been using her in his movies but never paying her. Edie quickly falls for Danny, but every affair has its price…"

The website for Myriad is at

The real Edie Sedgwick can be seen giving a mesmerizing performance as herself in Ciao Manhattan, available on DVD from Amazon at a 12% discount, here.

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The screenplays written by Ron Tavel for Warhol's early films are available as free downloads on his website at Included are Harlot, Screen Test 1 and 2, Suicide, The Life of Juanita Castro, Horse, Vinyl, Kitchen, Space, Hedy and the "Hanoi Hannah" and "Their Town" segments of The Chelsea Girls. Other features of the site include Tavel's stage plays, biographical information and his comments on "the misinformation highway." Tavel currently lives in Thailand.

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The annual list of "Top Earning Dead Celebs" has recently been published by Forbes magazine. Albert Einstein made more money than Andy Warhol in 2005 but neither came close to Elvis Presley or Kurt Cobain who both earned around $50 million. Einstein took in an estimated $20 million according to Forbes whereas Warhol made $16 million. The full list can be accessed via the Forbes website at

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The National Galleries of Scotland are currently negotiating to buy Anthony D'Offay's art collection estimated to be worth around $100 million, including works by Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. The collection was to be housed in a new gallery in Leith - a former VA building which has been characterized in the press as a Scottish version of England's Tate Modern - but plans for the new building were recently dropped and it is thought that the collection, if purchased, would instead be housed in an extension to the existing National Gallery of Modern Art.

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Penny Arcade

Warhol star Penny Arcade will be performing at the Parkside Lounge in New York for 4 nights in June (12th, 16th, 18th and 27th), prior to her appearance at Outfest in LA in July. She is also appearing on a weekly tv show streamed on the web every wednesday at 10:30 pm at

If you haven't been to Penny's site recently - go there. She is keeping a fascinating blog which can be accessed via her site. The latest entry (posted on 6/6/06) deals with Mary Jordan's film on Jack Smith and the continuing problems with Smith's estate. Smith's conservative family disowned him during his life but battled for the rights to his estate after he died. Penny cared for Jack while he was dying of AIDS and was with him in the hospital when he died. She has written a sad but fascinating account of his last days on her site:

Penny Arcade:

The next day after sleeping at the hospital I returned in the afternoon. Jack's room was filled with people. Ira Cohen had brought Allen Ginsberg. I came in and started cleaning up around the bed. "Oh! If only I had a mother like you my life wouldn't have been so miserable!" Jack crooned. "Everybody has a birth mother Jack," I said. "But you can have a death mother too. I'll be your death mother." "That's gorgeous!" Jack said as I moved the tubes from his IVs around tucking him in. "How is it that you know how to take such beautiful care of Jack, Penny?" Allen asked leaning forward. "It's because I love him," I replied. Jack suddenly pulled himself upright. "It's because I'm not a 'walking career', he wailed at Ginsberg. Falling back on his pillow Jack muttered, "Why is he here? I don't want him here! He hasn't spoken to me In 17 years. He ignores me on the street!" "He's here to pay his respects Jack because you're dying," I said quietly...

Penny's essay, her blog and details on the performances can be found at She also has a space on myspace at:

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A selection of screenprints, lithographs and objects designed by Andy Warhol will be exhibited at the QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York from May 5 - September 30, 2006. The show will include a soup can dress and a copy of Andy Warhol's Index (Book).

A list of items to be exhibited is at:

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The 247 year old British Museum will be open until midnight on Saturdays for the time in its history to accomodate the large amount of viewers flocking to its current "Michelangelo: Drawings" exhibition.

Details on the museum's website here:

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A new website on artist Larry Miller is now online. Miller was associated with the Fluxus art movement in the late 1960s and is the creator of the Genetic Code Copyright Certificate. His Genomic License series postulated that DNA can be reshaped into exchangeable commodities.

Larry Miller can be found at

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ginger coyote

Punk survivor Ginger Coyote is currently working on some songs with Jayne County. Jayne recently DJ'd at The Warhol (museum) for their Downtown Show event that featured Richard Hell on May 27, 2006. Ginger is the lead singer of the punk band White Trash Debutantes and editor of the Punk Globe online magazine which she started as a photocopied hand-out in San Francisco in 1977. Ginger currently lives in L.A. and is a veritable walking history of the punk movement in the U.S. - particularly the old Mabuhay scene in San Francisco.

Jayne and Ginger have recorded three tracks together - Boys, Trans Generation and Rock n Roll Republikkkan. Rock and Roll Republikkkan slates 4 well-known "rockers" (Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons, Johnny Ramone and Alice Cooper) for supporting the conservative right wing in America. Holly Woodlawn, Cherry Vanilla and Robert Sherman (aka Constance Cooper) also perfom on the Boys track.

Ginger will also be performing with her band, White Trash Debutantes, on the main stage at Gay Pride in Los Angeles on June 10th, followed by a gig in Pasadena the same night at the Old Town Pub (next to McMurphys). Ginger will then be flying to Canada to perform with a Canadian punk band at Toronto Pride on June 25, 2006.

Punk Globe is at:
The White Trash Debutantes can be found at:
Jayne County's website is at:
Jayne County's excellent autobiography is available from Amazon here.

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A new limited edition book on Pelé features Andy Warhol's silkscreen portraits of the soccer legend. There are two versions of the 600+ page book - the £1,600 Samba edition, limited to 2,350 copies, and the £4,000 Carnival edition, limited to 150. An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the book at the Getty Images Gallery on Eastcastle Street in London from June 14 - 28, 1996.

Full details on the book on publisher's website at

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Filmmaker David Cronenberg will be the guest-curator of the Andy Warhol Supernova exhibition which will run at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Canada from July 8 to October 22, 2006. To hype the exhibit the art gallery rented a vintage pink-roofed hearse driven by an Andy Warhol lookalike who handed out exhibition badges at festivals and nightclubs.

David Cronenberg:

"Andy was making underground films when I was making underground films... And I was more inspired by him than by Hollywood. He created himself: He was an outsider, a Slovakian, Catholic, gay, an artist, poor; an outsider in his own family, a triple outsider like Kafka, with his nose pressed against the New York window. And, he became the ultimate insider, the center of his own world, and drew people to him. He became a huge example of the invention of an identity."

The website for the Art Gallery of Ontario is at

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Andy Warhol

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