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JUNE 2006

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David Bailey on Andy Warhol

David Bailey's controversial 1973 documentary on Andy Warhol has been released in the U.K. on DVD. The film was originally to be shown on February 16, 1973 on ITV but a pre-broadcast press screening the previous month caused such controversy that a conservative sportscaster, Ross McWhirter, complained to the Independent Broadcasting Association (the ITV watchdog). When the IBA approved the film for broadcast in spite of McWhirter's complaint, he took his case to the Appeal Court and won an interim judgment against showing it even though none of the three judges had actually seen the film. Neither had McWhirter. He based his complaint on the press coverage with the footage of Brigid Berlin doing one of her Tit paintings causing the most consternation.

The IBA contested the ban and it was lifted by the Appeal Court on February 5th with at least one of the judges having seen the film by then, calling it "dreary and dull." When it was finally broadcast on May 5, 1973, a proviso was tacked on to the beginning warning the viewer that "Warhol and his followers do not think or live in a conventional way. Some people may find his life-style unsympathetic or offensive: it is sometimes difficult to discover where reality ends and fantasy begins..."

Among the highlights of the documentary is footage of Paul Morrissey directing Candy Darling in Women in Revolt utilizing a video camera rather than a movie camera, Pat Ast serenading Warhol with "I'm just wild about Andy," Jane Forth being interviewed with her and Eric Emerson's son in her lap, Fred Hughes talking about Warhol being shot and Warhol explaining how he came up with the idea for his car crash paintings ("well, it all started with buttons, I always wanted to know who invented the button...")

Included with the film is the often quoted working script - considerably different than the documentary itself - and worth the price of the DVD. You'll need a magnifying glass to read it though. In order to get the script small enough to include in the DVD packaging, the print has been reduced to a miniscule level. Also included on the same DVD are Bailey's films on Cecil Beaton and Luchino Viscounti. The Amazon U.K. page is here. (Note that it is a Region 2 PAL DVD - if you are in the states it may not be compatible with your equipment.)

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The Virginia Historical Society has recently opened a business history center to house their archive of documents relating to the state's economic past. Among the collection is a March 1966 letter from Andy Warhol to Richmond's Sydney Lewis, co-founder and president of the Best Products Company. Lewis and his wife were collectors of contemporary art and Warhol wanted them to obtain for him four 16 millimeter Bell and Howell film projectors, model 550, to use during concerts. The letter ends with Warhol thanking Lewis for a gift of smoked ham, writing "we ate it on our bus ride to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a college concert" and that it was "very good." The projectors were presumably wanted for the E.P.I. which was on tour in March 1966, performing at the University of Michigan Film Festival in Ann Arbor on March 12, 1966.

The website for the Virginia Historical Society is at:

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Ultra Violet will be exhibiting her art at various galleries this year. At the moment she has an exhibition at the Deborah Colton Gallery in Houston ( which runs until July 1, 2006. On October 5, 2006 the Museum Kampa in the Czech Republic ( will be showing her work and during the same month, the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle will be exhibiting her installation Sky with Neon Clouds ( She will also be participating in a group show in Paris ( which will also include work by Andy Warhol and Keith Haring at the Hotel Dassault from July 7 - Sept. 17, 2006.

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The Turner Prize shortlist has been announced by the Tate Museum in London. The four artists listed are Tomma Abts, Phil Collins, Mark Titchner and Rebecca Warren.

Details on the Tate website at:

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Andy Warhol

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