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Andy Warhol's Pork

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The La Mama production of Andy Warhol's Pork was adapted and directed by Anthony J. Ingrassia, "who claimed that Warhol had approached him with a play of twenty-nine acts that would have lasted two hundred hours. Ingrassia boiled down the transcripts to a fast moving and lusty two-act play that offered a plethora of 'good dirty fun.' The set combined elements of the Factory, Max's Kansas City and Brigid Polk's hotel room, and the blackout intervals between scenes were punctuated by the angry wasp-like buzzing of telephone busy signals." (DB312)

David Bourdon:

"Many of Pork's characters bore scarcely disguised names. Two of the prominent male figures were dubbed Pall and Billy Noname. A garrulous, bitchy blond superstar was named Vulva and played vampishly by a female impersonator in a fright wig. Amanda Pork was a chubby prankster with a voracious appetite for drugs and sex. Like Brigid Polk, Amanda Pork occasionally scampered about topless, but she also cavorted with 'the Pepsodent twins', two nude men with pastel-covered genitals. She also assaulted herself with a syringe and masturbated with an egg beater to get attention.The man for whom everyone was performing so outrageouslywas a deadpan, gray-haired character named B. Marlowe, who, as brilliantly impersonated by Anthony Zanetta, looked and talked uncannily like Warhol, conveying exactly the right blend of provocation, ennui, and exhaustion." (DB313-4)

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Andy Warhol

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