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Andy Warhol Chronology


While in Puerto Rico, Holly Woodlawn ran into Sam (who played Jackie Curtis’s boyfriend in Women in Revolt).

Sam was spending the summer there with his girlfriend Suzanne. After taking quaaludes, they went shopping and when Suzanne admired some shoes, Sam stole them, unknown to Holly and Suzanne. They were caught and the police were called.

They were unable to meet their $100.00 (each) bail, but a friend of a friend came up with it and they were released pending their trial in two weeks. Sam jumped his bail and disappeared, leaving Holly and Suzanne to face the charges.

Trash opened in local art theaters in San Juan the week they were arrested and a Sunday paper featured an interview with Holly with the headline: “Local Boy/Girl Makes Good.”

Suzanne and Holly returned to New York to raise funds for their case and Holly moved in with Suzanne on Tenth Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue in the West village. Stoned on quaaludes they had sex and Holly became Suzanne’s boyfriend. Holly managed to get some money from Andy Warhol and they returned to Puerto Rico for the trial, but because of a mix up they took a later flight than scheduled and were met by authorities at the airport who arrested them again, thinking they were trying to jump bail. They were taken to jail again (which was nicknamed "La Princessa") where they stayed imprisioned until their trial.

They were found innocent and returned to New York. They remained as a couple until Holly got fed up with Suzanne wanting Holly to dress as a man. (HW216-24)


Andy Warhol

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