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Holly Woodlawn

In the film Scarecrow in a Garden of Cucumbers, Bette Midler sang a lullabye on the soundtrack and Holly performed an elaborate musical number I'm Lost in My Dreams of Heaven, flanked by chorus boys in white. Lily Tomlin did a cameo voice over as Ernestine in a scene filmed in the apartment of Jane Wagner, Lilly Tomlin’s partner.

During the filming, the producers moved Holly Woodlawn into the Chelsea Hotel where she spent her free time partying on her balcony with Estelle, Ondine, Jackie Curtis, “and the rest of the gang.” Also living in the hotel was Viva, Richard Bernstein, (Interview cover designer) , Jerome Ragni (Hair), and Lance Loud who brought his mother to visit Holly and arrived with a film crew. (UV190/91-3)

It took three months to shoot Scarecrow, working twelve hours a day. The first scene they shot took place in a bar and Holly ended up completely drunk. While the producers were taking her home she ended up jumping into traffic and crying hysterically. The director warned her to stay off the booze or they would drop the project. She dried out during the filming, moving from the Chelsea to stay with the film’s screenwriter and her girlfriend both of whom were recovering alcoholics. Holly's boyfriend, Johnny (Trash), returned to New York and stayed with her. (UV194-5)

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