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Andy Warhol, Susan Pile and Intransit


Andy Warhol (via Pat Hackett in Popism):

"Susan Pile had been working for Gerard part-time for free since the fall, coming down from Barnard on the Broadway IRT every afternoon... Gerard was in his Benedetta Barzini period, writing lots of poems about her, and Susan would type those up and work on the anthology of writings by poets and kids we knew that was published the next year, called Intransit, The Andy Warhol Gerard Malanga Monster Issue.

Intransit magazine

She'd [Susan] sit Japanese-style on a cushion typing at a very low sawed-off silver desk with a missing leg that had been replaced with a stack of magazines. One day as I walked by, I overheard her telling Joey [Freeman] that she was going to have to look for another job because she needed money. I told her that if she would stay and type things for the Factory instead of just for Gerard, we'd give her money. I asked her how much she thought she'd need, and she estimated that since she was being partly subsidized by her parents, she'd only need about ten dollars a week. (That was fifty trips on the subway then.) I immediately began giving her lots of reel-to-reel tapes, the sound tracks to Chelsea Girls, Kitchen, My Hustler, things like that, to type, and she did some Ondine tapes that would go to become part of the Grove Press novel, A, the next year..." (POP206-7)

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