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Eric Rosner at New World

eric rosner sketchspaceeric rosner poster

New York artist/illustrator Eric Rosner is currently showing his work at an exhibition at New World Stages at 343 W.49th Street in Manhattan. The exhibition is open from 10 am - 6 pm Monday - Sunday. Rosner, who has just put the finishing touches on a new graphic novel, is primarily known for his intricate drawings of Manhattan architecture (past and present) but he has also recently done a series of flowers:

eric rosner flowers

Eric can be contacted via his website is at:

Conrad Ventur at the the High Museum and Kunsthalle Winterthur

Warhol stars Bibbe Hansen and  Billy Name at High Museum with Conrad Ventur

Warhol stars Bibbe Hansen and Billy Name with Conrad Ventur at the High Museum
(Photo: Sean Carrillo)

Conrad Ventur recently showed a selection of his Screen Tests at the High Museum in Atlanta (27 April 2012) and took part in a panel discussion on Warhol's Factory with Bibbe Hansen and Billy Name. Conrad's video installation 13 Most Beautiful/Screen Tests Revisited (2008-2011) is currently on exhibit at the Kunsthalle Winterthur.

Details at:

Before They Were Famous

George Aban

Jeremiah Newton and George Abagnalo with gallery staff member Dejba Carrington
(Photo: Clayton Patterson)

Eric Shiner from The Warhol museum moderated a panel discussion with Ultra Violet, Taylor Mead and William John Kennedy on 5 May at the site/109 gallery in Manhattan in conjunction with a showing of Kennedy's photographs of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana - attended by Beautiful Darling director Jeremiah Newton and Bad co-writer George Abagnalo (who also played the part of the photographer in Women in Revolt).

The exhibition continues until 29 May. Details at:

Billie Ray Martin and Holly Woodlawn

Billie Ray Martin and Holly Woodlawn

Billy Ray Martin and Holly Woodlawn in Berlin
(Photo: Cihangir)

Warhol star Holly Woodlawn recently caught up with Billie Ray Martin in Berlin when Holly was there for Camp/Anti-Camp in April. Billie's new project - a DVD of five different versions of her Warhol-inspired track On Borrowed Time with five different videos - inspired by Andy Warhol's Screen Tests and directed by Wurstfilm porn director, Joern Hartmann. The DVD is due to be released in August.

Billie Ray Martin:

“As far as the five films go Joern Hartmann, too, surpassed all my wildest expectations of what could be achieved. Of course my brief was to do something inspired by Screen Tests, hence I had arranged a shoot with the Art'otel Berlin, a hotel dedicated to Warhol and featuring over 220 of his artworks. To my surprise Joern took it a few notches further. He researched what old film material looked like when exposed to light, left sitting on shelves too long etc. He then went to get the effects he needed and created his own variations on the given themes. During the shoot itself, it was comforting to be able to relax into my performance, knowing that Joern's lighting would always be perfect. Carl Stanley's make up just flowed without even a discussion and Felipe Rojas Llanos' clothes were just as perfect as I had expected. Not to mention the laughs we had in the suite upstairs consisting entirely of Warhol imagery when I nerded out and we made up silly lyrics to Chelsea Girls with me giving renditions in my best Nico voice.“

Billie Ray Martin's website is at:

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