5. Deaths (1970 - End)

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1970 - 1974: Rothko

Rothko's Seagram paintings are shipped to the Tate Gallery in London.
Robert Motherwell moves.
Adolph Gottlieb has a stroke.
Barnett Newman signs a "Declaration of Solidarity with Soviet Jews.
"Jackson Pollock's psychotherapist sells his pictures.
Art News publishes a feature honouring the Metropolitan Museum of Art on its hundredth anniversary.
Willem de Kooning goes to Japan.
Mark Rothko has dinner with Rita Reinhardt.
Mark Rothko commits suicide.
Henry Moore visits Willem de Kooning.
The New York Times Magazine publishes an account of Mark Rothko's death.
Mark Rothko's Will is admitted to probate.
The Mark Rothko room opens at the Tate Gallery in London.
Barnett Newman receives a medal from the Brandeis University.
Executors of Rothko's estate sell all of his paintings to the Marlborough Gallery.
Barnett Newman dies.
Willem de Kooning does lithography.
Mark Rothko's widow dies.
Willem de Kooning meets Emilie Kilgore.
Philip Guston solo exhibition at the Marlborough Gallery.
Bernard Reis is shocked by the condition of the Mark Rothko's Harvard murals.
The Mark Rothko Foundation directors amend the certificate of incorporation.
The Whitney Museum shows 65 drawings by Jackson Pollock previously owned by his psychotherapist.
The Phillips Collection sells Mark Rothko's Mauve Intersection through Park-Bernet.
The Rothko Chapel is dedicated.
Bernard Reis visits Rothko's Harvard murals again - this time with Alan Thielker, a restorer for Marlborough Galleries.
Willem de Kooning sculpts Clamdigger.
Willem de Kooning leaves the Accabonac house and moves into his studio.
Barnett Newman retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art opens.
Kate Rothko and Christopher Rothko's guardian file a lawsuit against the owner of the Marlborough Galleries and the executors of Rothko's estate.
"Seven by de Kooning" exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art.
Robert Motherwell marries photographer Renate Ponsold.
Robert Motherwell signs with Knoedler's.
Xavier Fourcade leaves the Knoedler gallery to open the Fourcade, Droll Gallery.
Willem de Kooning and Mimi attend the Venice Biennale.
The Surrogate Court issues a temporary restraining order against the Marlborough Gallery and the executors of Mark Rothko's estate regarding the sale of his paintings as contracted on May 21, 1970.
The Surrogate Court issues a preliminary injunction preventing the sale of Rothko's paintings by the Marlborough Gallery and Rothko's executors.
Willem de Kooning has a final exhibition at the Sidney Janis Gallery.
Willem de Kooning's daughter, Lisa, moves to New York.
A seven-inch tear is found in Panel Four of Mark Rothko's Harvard murals.
John de Menil dies.
Willem de Kooning is admitted into hospital (again).
"Lee Krasner: Large Paintings" exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art.
The "New York Collection for Stockholm" at the Moderna Museet.
Willem de Kooning goes to rehab.
Robert Motherwell is diagnosed with severe cardiac illness and has surgery.
Fourcade, Droll organizes a traveling exhibition of Willem de Kooning's lithographs.
Exhibition of Willem de Kooning's drawings and sculpture at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.
Adolph Gottlieb dies in New York City.
The Australian National Gallery buys de Kooning's Woman V for $850,000.
John McMahon quits his job as Willem de Kooning's assistant.

1975 - 1979: The Same Letter Seven Times

Robert Motherwell retrospective at the Museo de Art Moderna in Mexico City.
Kate Rothko wins her lawsuit against the Marlborough Gallery and the executors of Rothko's Will.
Willem de Kooning exhibitions in Japan and Paris.
Willem de Kooning asks Mimi Kilgore to marry him.
Willem de Kooning completes twenty works in six months.
Willem de Kooning exhibition at Fourcade, Droll, Inc.
Matta's son dies.
Robert Motherwell retrospectives in Dusseldorf and Stockholm.
A major traveling exhibition of de Kooning's work is planned with sponsorship by the Hirshhorn Museum and the U.S. Information Agency.
Xavier Fourcade becomes Willem de Kooning's exclusive dealer.
Willem de Kooning visits the Rothko Chapel.
Fourcade mounts show of twelve new works by Willem de Kooning.
Robert Motherwell retrospective exhibitions in Vienna, Edinburgh and Paris.
Robert Motherwell works on mural for the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
Elaine de Kooning helps Willem de Kooning go to Alcoholic Anonymous.
Robert Motherwell retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.
"Mark Rothko, 1903-1970: A Retrospective" at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.
"Willem de Kooning in East Hampton" exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
Elaine de Kooning gives up the right to control de Kooning's estate and resigns from the University of Georgia.
"American Art at Mid-Century: The Subjects of the Artist" opens the new East Building at the National Gallery in Washington.
Harold Rosenberg dies.
Thomas Hess dies.
Willem de Kooning goes on a binge.
Matta's son dies of pancreatic cancer at the age of 38.
Abstract Expressionism retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Robert Motherwell retrospective exhibition at the William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut.
Philip Guston suffers a major heart attack.
The damage to Mark Rothko's Harvard murals is reported.
Willem de Kooning stops painting.
Willem de Kooning writes his last letter to Mimi.

1980s+: De Kooning

Irving Sandler is appointed as a trustee of the Mark Rothko Foundation.
Philip Guston retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Art.
Philip Guston dies.
Tom Ferrara works as Willem de Kooning's assistant.
Willem de Kooning's daughter, Lisa, begins building her own house on the grounds of her father's studio.
Willem de Kooning revises his Will.
Arshile Gorky retrospective at the Guggenheim.
Willem de Kooning starts painting again.
"Krasner/Pollock: A Working Relationship" at the Grey Art Gallery, New York University.
Dedication of the Motherwell Gallery at the Bavarian State Museum of Modern Art, Munich.
"Willem de Kooning: I Am Only Halfway Through" by Avis Berman is published in the February issue of Art News.
"Robert Motherwell: A Selection From Current Work," at M. Knoedler & Co.
Willem de Kooning attends the premiere of a documentary about his life and art.
Willem de Kooning attends a White House dinner in honour of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
Exhibition of Willem de Kooning's new work, "New Paintings: 1981-1982," at the Fourcade, Droll Gallery.
Jack Tworkov dies.
Frank Lloyd, the owner of the Marlborough Gallery, is convicted of tampering with evidence in Rothko trial.
Robert Motherwell retrospective exhibition at the Albright -Knox Gallery, Buffalo, New York.
Willem de Kooning finishes fifty-four paintings.
Frank Lloyd, owner of the Marlborough Gallery, is sentenced in the Rothko case.
Exhibition of de Kooning's sculpture in "The Complete Sculpture: 1969-1981" at Fourcade, Droll.
Art dealer Allan Stone buys Willem de Kooning's Two Women for $1.2 million.
"Lee Krasner: A Retrospective" at Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
"William de Kooning: Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture" opens at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art.
During 1984 Willem de Kooning finishes fifty-one paintings.
Conrad Fried films Willem de Kooning painting.
Lee Krasner dies."Lee Krasner Memorial Installation" at The Museum of Modern Art.
Willem de Kooning paints a triptych.
Willem de Kooning paints sixty-three paintings.
Willem de Kooning shows symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
Elaine de Kooning changes colour(s).
Exhibition of de Kooning's recent work from 1984 - 1985 at Fourcade, Droll.
Willem de Kooning produces forty-three works of art.
Robert Motherwell is elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Exhibition of Willem de Kooning's work from 1983-1986 at the Anthony d'Offay Gallery in London.
The alleged driver of the car behind Jackson Pollock's car objects to accounts of Pollock's death.
The de Menil Collection opens in Houston, Texas.
Willem de Kooning paints twenty-six paintings.
Willem de Kooning's Pink Lady is sold for $3.63 million.
Xavier Fourcade dies of AIDS.
Elaine de Kooning's health worsens.
Tom Ferrara resigns from the de Kooning household due to health problems.
Willem de Kooning paints twenty-seven paintings.
Elaine de Kooning authorizes a series of prints by her husband.
Elaine de Kooning attempts to change her husband's Will.
Elaine de Kooning is admitted into Sloan-Kettering for radiation therapy.
Elaine de Kooning dies at the age of 70.
Willem de Kooning's daughter, Lisa, and John Eastman file a court petition asking that de Kooning be declared mentally incapable of looking after his affairs.
Willem de Kooning is admitted into Southampton Hospital for a hernia operation.
Willem de Kooning is hospitalised for prostate surgery.
Willem de Kooning stops painting.
A mini-retrospective of de Kooning's work - "Willem de Kooning: An Exhibition of Paintings" takes place at the Salander O'Reilly Galleries.
"De Kooning/Dubuffet: The Women" at the Pace Gallery.
Robert Motherwell retrospective exhibition in Mexico.
Robert Motherwell dies.
"Willem de Kooning from the Hirshhorn Museum Collection" opens at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.
Charles Egan dies at the age of 81.
De Kooning's final assistant, Jennifer McLaughlin leaves.
"Willem de Kooning: Paintings" at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
The Academie van Beeldende Kunsten en Technische Wetenschappen, where de Kooning studied as a young man in Rotterdam, officially changes its name to The Willem de Kooning Academy.
Willem de Kooning dies.
Roberto Matta dies.
Milton Resnick commits suicide.
Philip Pavia dies.

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